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Estimate the Cost of a Drexel Education

Drexel's Net Price Calculator is a tool that families of prospective first-year students can use to estimate their student's cost of attending Drexel. While this calculator only provides an estimate, you can get a sense of the financial aid your student may be eligible for.

The calculator uses 2023–2024 information to provide you with an estimate of the net price (estimated costs subtracted by estimated financial aid) for your student's first year at Drexel. You will be asked to enter some basic information about family and education plans, which the tool uses to determine its results.

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After Using this Calculator

Once you receive your results, look them over carefully. Remember — this is only an estimate based on some basic information you provided. The financial aid process at Drexel takes into account many additional factors, and the awards you may be officially offered if admitted to Drexel may differ from the results you received here.

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Investing in a Drexel University Education

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