How to File the CSS Profile

Investing in a Drexel University Education

When applying to the University, you'll want to make sure you take all of the necessary steps to ensure that you're considered for as much financial aid as possible. This quick breakdown explains how to maximize your eligibility for Drexel need-based grant funding, as well as federal and state grants and loans.

Benefits of Filing the CSS Profile

Why should you file a CSS Profile?

  • It allows Drexel to consider you for need-based grant aid.
  • Drexel grants are considered gift aid; they don't need to be paid back.
  • In 2022–2023, the average financial aid package was $34,053 for first-year students and $31,199 for transfer students starting in fall who were seeking to complete their first bachelor's degree and had not already earned a graduate/professional degree; these figures include need-based Drexel grants.

Never assume you will not be eligible for need-based grant funding. Don't wait. Complete the CSS Profile today.

The CSS Profile is an electronic application provided by the College Board that Drexel uses to determine eligibility for Drexel need-based grant funding. Both domestic and international first-year students and full-time on-campus international transfer applicants are required to complete the CSS Profile to be reviewed for institutional grant funding.

The CSS Profile becomes available each year on October 1 on the College Board website. Before completing the CSS Profile, read the following:

  • Complete the CSS Profile regardless of what you think your eligibility for financial aid is.
  • File as early as possible; you do not have to complete your admission application in order to begin the CSS Profile.
  • Drexel's CSS Profile school code is 2194.
  • There is a fee required in order to complete the CSS Profile. The College Board will automatically waive the fee for students who meet College Board's income requirements upon completion of the online application.


Admission Type CSS Profile Deadline
Early Action/Early Decision March 1
Regular Decision March 1
Winter Entry Program October 8
International Transfer Applicants

1 month prior to the start of the term

Please note: Transfer students starting in the spring need to submit the CSS Profile prior to February 15, the date the CSS Profile closes.

Note for Domestic Transfer Students Entering Winter or Spring of 2024

The CSS Profile will be required for domestic Transfer Students starting in the Winter or Spring 2024 quarters in order to be considered for Drexel need-based aid. It should be submitted 1 month prior to the start of your first term.

CSS Profile Fee Waivers

International Students

Unfortunately, we do not offer fee waivers for the CSS Profile to international students. In addition, we are unable to accept the ISFAA or PDF copies of the CSS Profile. With regard to scholarships and grants, Drexel is committed to providing financial aid to students whose family's financial situation does not allow them to pay full tuition costs. We do our best to offer strong financial aid awards to students; however, our resources do not allow us to meet the demonstrated need of all students, which can include costs such as application fees.

Domestic Students

Domestic students may qualify for a CSS Profile fee waiver provided by the College Board if:

  • Family adjusted gross income is up to $100,000
  • The student qualified for an SAT fee waiver
  • The student is an orphan or ward of the court under the age of 24

Applicants from Sanctioned Countries Only

Applicants from North Korea may contact Drexel Central to obtain a copy of the International Student Financial Aid Application (ISFAA) to determine eligibility for institutional need-based aid since they are unable to complete the CSS Profile.

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