Prospective students and their families can contact Drexel Central for questions about financial aid in one of the following ways: 

Call 1.877.DREXEL5 or 215.895.1600

Visit Drexel Central Office – Suite 106,
Main Building, 3141 Chestnut Street

Senior Exception for Institutional Financial Aid Eligibility

In order to remain eligible for all current institutional financial aid, full-time undergraduate students are required to maintain the minimum of full-time enrollment per class quarter (12 credits or more). However, seniors who register in their final two terms for less than 12 credits may receive a prorated amount of institutional financial aid funding.

The listing below details the prorated amount of institutional aid types students are eligible for based on enrollment. Awards must be a part of your financial aid package in order to determine eligibility:

Registration of 11.5 – 9 credits

Drexel scholarships, grants, and awards – 75% of full-time amount

Registration of 8.5 – 6 credits

Drexel scholarships, grants, and awards – 50% of full-time amount

Registration of 5.5 – 3 credits

Drexel scholarships, grants, and awards – 25% of full-time amount

Enrollment status that is less than full-time can also affect federal student aid; for information about eligibility please view our Terms and Conditions.

Cost of Attendance

Please note that a student's cost of attendance will also be reviewed and adjusted based upon the student's enrollment. This review may impact the amount of awards that a student is eligible to receive in their final term beyond the adjustments listed above.

International students must consult with the International Students and Scholar Services Office (ISSS) to determine eligibility to enroll less than full-time in their final two terms; the above policy only covers financial aid eligibility and is not an exception for individuals with a student visa.

Billing Adjustments

Any senior who enrolls for less than full-time in his or her final two terms will be billed at the part-time per credit rate. View information about the academic year-specific tuition costs.

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