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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Latest Updates

  • COVID cases are increasing. To avoid the need for new restrictions, please take precautions and pay attention to public health guidelines. Read the announcement.
  • Some Drexel campus spaces (including classrooms) are "Masks Required" and others are "Masks Optional." However, we strongly recommend wearing a mask in shared spaces.
  • Food is not permitted in any Drexel classrooms, laboratories, and studios that are actively being used for lectures or instructional purposes.
  • See updated event guidelines here.
  • New isolation guidelines provide an avenue for certain students diagnosed with COVID who either do not develop respiratory symptoms, or whose illness resolves quickly, to return to normal housing and classes earlier. To learn more, visit If You Are Infected or Exposed.

View the latest Drexel public health guidelines.

The FAQs below were compiled based on insight from public health experts and representatives across the University, as well as questions submitted through a campus-wide survey and faculty virtual forum. Please check this FAQ page regularly, as information is updated to reflect the situation as it evolves.

Read the latest guidelines here.

Campus Life

What can I do to stay safe when on campus?

Get vaccinated and boosted! Vaccination is required for all on-campus students and employees, with limited exemptions. Booster shots are also required for all who are eligible. We are lucky to have very safe and effective vaccines against COVID-19. You can sign up for a free vaccination or a booster shot through Drexel by calling Student Health (215-220-4700) or using this secure link to schedule at one of our partnership clinics with SunRay Pharmacy. Learn more on our COVID-19 Vaccination page. 

Wear a mask indoors on campus. The responsibility to have and wear a mask belongs to each member of the campus community.

Monitor your health. Use the Drexel Health Checker to report symptoms of COVID-19. Even if you are fully vaccinated, don’t come to campus if you are ill. Find more information here on what to do if you are sick.

Wash your hands frequently. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer has also been made more available on campus.

If you're not fully vaccinated (exempt or partially vaccinated), in addition to the above:

  • Maintain distance between yourself and others for your safety and the safety of other unvaccinated or immunocompromised persons.
  • Monitor your health daily with the Drexel Health Checker.

See Drexel's full public health guidelines for COVID-19 here.

What is being done to protect the health and safety of the Drexel community?

Health and safety protocols have been established across campus, including, but not limited to:

  • Requiring all on-campus students, faculty, professional staff, and postdocs to be fully vaccinated AND boosted against COVID-19, unless they have been granted a medical or religious exemption. This will greatly reduce the chances of disease transmission within the campus community. Learn more on our COVID-19 Vaccination page.
  • Requiring mask-wearing indoors in all University instructional and health care settings as well as public transit and theater performance spaces, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Facilitating access to testing and important COVID-19 health information through use of the Drexel Health Checker app (Apple and Android) and web application.
  • Implementing COVID-19 surveillance testing strategies for unvaccinated employees and students. (Note: Vaccinated students and employees who have uploaded proof of vaccination to the Drexel Health Checker are exempt from mandatory screening testing.)
  • Making sure that we identify and trace contacts of infected persons to keep people safe and healthy as well as prevent spreading of the virus.
  • Making sure that campus facilities, including dorms, are cleaned and disinfected based on current CDC and local health department guidelines—including routine cleaning of high-touch surfaces throughout the day—and installing hand sanitizer dispensers in high-traffic areas.
  • Assessing ventilation, air flow, and air quality throughout all Drexel buildings and modified where needed to ensure shared spaces meet ASHRAE’s 62.1 standards for acceptable indoor ventilation.
More: Drexel Public Health Guidelines.

Where will I be able to eat and drink on campus?

The campus dining program is now open. Hours and locations are posted at We offer robust grab-n-go offerings at all Campus Dining locations, including a take-away option for the two all-you-care-to-eat locations (Urban Eatery and The Handschumacher Dining Center).

In general, it is always safer to eat outdoors regardless of your vaccination status, so plan your schedule to make this option possible. 

Eating is allowed everywhere on campus except instructional settings during class, Disability Resources testing spaces, shuttles/public transit, ticketed theater events, and health care facilities, but please keep your mask on except when you are sitting down and actively eating or drinking. For more information, view the "Dining" section of the Drexel Public Health Guidelines page.

What should I know about transportation to and from campus?

Masks are required (regardless of your vaccination status) on all public transit including on Drexel shuttles.

For information on the Drexel shuttle bus service, please visit the Transportation webpage.

Drexel is coordinating with SEPTA/NJT/PATCO/AMTRAK to ensure that students and employees who use those services have access to safe public transportation options to travel to and from campus. For SEPTA updates, please visit the SEPTA website for the latest information.

What behavioral health support is Drexel providing?

Students who would like to schedule an appointment with a therapist can email or call 215.895.1415. An after-hours emergency line can be reached at 215.416.3337. Counseling Center staff also will be offering virtual workshops and other self-help modules, downloadable at the Center’s website.

7Cups is a digital peer counseling resource for students who prefer to reach out anonymously for peer support. For students in recovery or seeking support around substance-use issues, the Haven continues to host virtual meetings.

Employees and their spouses, domestic partners and dependents can access free, confidential counseling sessions though Drexel's Employee Assistance Program by calling 888.628.4824. The University also offers assistance navigating the healthcare system through Health Advocate, as well as the daily Ten at 10 program designed to help employees stay healthy and connected. For details, visit HR’s COVID-19 Resources page.

Health Monitoring

What is the Drexel Health Checker and how do I access it?

The Drexel Health Checker is a mobile- and web-based app that allows Drexel community members to confidentially monitor or report their symptoms, schedule a COVID-19 test, and access key resources to help them stay healthy.

The Health Checker is available to download for free via the Apple and Android app stores. You can also scan the QR code available on the Health Checker page from your mobile device to access the checker. In addition, you can log in to the app via a web browser using the Drexel Health Checker Web Version. Important note: You must use the same login email address for the web version and the app-based version of the Health Checker. Always use the format for all applications and communications.

How is my Drexel Health Checker data managed?

As noted in the Privacy Policy and the Consent, Drexel authorized personnel will have access to the information provided through the Drexel Health Checker. This is in order to promote the health and safety of Drexel Community members and to monitor compliance with applicable laws and University COVID-19 requirements. As the app provider, My Own Med will have access to the information provided in the app to check that the information is accurate and to operate the app. Information stored in the app is not sold to third parties.

Information provided through the Drexel Health Checker will be retained as long as Drexel continues to use the app.

Where do I go for testing? Do I need an order?

Testing is available to all Drexel students and employees (schedule through the Drexel Health Checker). You can see our testing locations and hours here. View our COVID-19 Testing page for more information, or email with any additional questions.

Who can (and who should) get a COVID-19 test through Drexel?

All Drexel community members will be able to schedule testing on a discretionary basis (up to once per week if not symptomatic or exposed to COVID-19).

In addition, the following students will be part of Drexel's mandatory testing program IF THEY ARE NOT FULLY VACCINATED:

  • Students living in Drexel residence halls or Greek properties.
  • Students living in buildings connected to campus properties regardless of the operator.
  • Students attending face-to-face and hybrid classes.
  • Students working in research labs.

All current faculty, professional staff, and post-docs who have not been fully vaccinated will also be enrolled in mandatory testing.

Students and employees who are fully vaccinated must upload proof of vaccination through the Drexel Health Checker App. Vaccinated students and employees are exempt from mandatory weekly testing requirements.

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 or are officially notified of an exposure: Students should contact Student Health (215.220.4700) immediately to arrange for testing. Faculty or professional staff should contact their primary care provider and notify

For more information, view the COVID-19 Testing page.

How do I schedule a COVID-19 test?

To schedule a COVID test, you'll use the Drexel Health Checker app. For directions on test scheduling using the app, view this PDF or check the COVID-19 Testing page. If you don't have a smartphone, you can schedule a test through the web-based version of the Health Checker.

What should I do if I notice symptoms?

Students, faculty & professional staff should first, stay home.

Students should contact the Student Health Center right away by phone (215.220.4700) or through the Drexel Health Checker, and schedule a COVID test within 24 hours.

Faculty and professional staff should seek medical care by calling your primary care physician and ask to be evaluated for COVID-19. Immediately after calling your provider, please contact and provide your name and a phone number to be contacted by a Drexel representative. It is imperative that the University is aware of any exposure risk to members of the Drexel community.

Please visit If You Are Infected or Exposed for more information.

Will the University notify the community if there are positive cases on campus?

Aggregate information about the number of COVID-19 cases in the Drexel community can be found on our COVID-19 Dashboard. We will work to make sure that anyone exposed to a case of COVID-19 on the Drexel campus is aware of that exposure and can take protective actions. Public health policies and University guidelines require that we protect the privacy of all confirmed cases, so any public announcements will respect and ensure the privacy of any students, faculty and professional staff who may have the virus. The Student Health Center will contact individuals who may have been exposed so that they’re aware of that exposure, and they will monitor their health for up to two weeks, which is the incubation period of the virus. We are in touch with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health regarding our contact tracing activities.

Masks and Face Coverings

What is the policy on wearing masks on campus?

Drexel has returned to a two-tiered system for indoor masking: "Masks Required" and "Masks Optional." All community members AND campus visitors must adhere to the mask guidelines for campus spaces.

Drexel REQUIRES mask-wearing in the following locations:

  • ALL classrooms, laboratories, and studios that are actively being used for lectures or instructional purposes.
  • Disability Resources testing spaces.
  • Ticketed events in Mandell and the Urban Annex Black Box Theaters, and the 418 Main Dance Studio (attendees must mask).
  • All health care facilities—including, but not limited to: Student Health Services, Occupational Health Services, and the Counseling Center.
  • All health care rotations (CNHP, COM, Co-op Health Care Positions).

Mask wearing is OPTIONAL (but usually encouraged) in the following locations:

  • Non-clinical office spaces and meeting rooms
  • Drexel University libraries
  • Shared workspaces (unless in health care settings)
  • Research spaces (unless the space is being used for a class or if masking is required for research purposes)
  • Common areas of buildings including restrooms, stairwells, and elevators
  • The Drexel Shuttle
  • Drexel University Housing (unless you are isolating in place)
  • The Drexel Recreation Center and the Daskalakis Athletic Center

Wearing a mask indoors is still recommended wherever distancing is not possible and COVID risk remains present. Further, Drexel strongly recommends that unvaccinated persons always mask when indoors for their protection. Community members should always carry a well-fitting mask and be prepared to enter Masks Required spaces. Eating and drinking are allowed in "Masks Optional" locations.

Students should contact and staff/faculty should contact their HR business partner to request a reasonable accommodation if needed.

What kinds of masks/face coverings are allowable?

Get a well-fitting mask. We recommend you consider doubling up, with a surgical mask underneath a cloth mask that fits snugly against your face. A single-layer cloth mask with no filter, while better than nothing, does not provide the most efficient protection from newer COVID-19 variants. While 2-layer, surgical face masks with wire clips are still effective, such masks often don't fit snugly by themselves. All masks should completely cover your nose and mouth and fit well to prevent air escaping out of openings in the mask while still being comfortable. Other options for masks include a properly fitting KF94 or KN95.

Drexel will provide KN95 and/or KF94 high filtration masks to students and employees who request one. Locations to request a mask include the Hagerty Library, DAC, Recreation Center, Main Building Lobby, Kline School of Law, New College Building lobby, the Queen Lane security desk and COVID testing centers. The federal government also makes N95 respirator masks available for free; find a location online.

Face shields are available for employees and students who cannot wear a face mask for health reasons or have a specific need to use both a mask and a face shield. Students should contact and staff/faculty should contact their HR business partner to request a reasonable accommodation if needed.

In accordance with CDC guidelines, masks with ventilation valves are NOT permissible or passable as an appropriate face covering in Masks Required spaces at Drexel; nor are bandannas, balaclavas, scarves, and neck gaiters. See more from the CDC here.

Quarantine and Isolation

Under what circumstances will individuals be required to quarantine?

The University follows Philadelphia Department of Public Health, state and federal guidelines regarding isolation and quarantine policies. To learn more, visit our If You Are Infected or Exposed page.

Members of the Drexel community coming from U.S. states outside Pennsylvania are no longer required to quarantine prior to arriving on campus.

International students should take note of CDC guidelines for noncitizen travelers, especially vaccination mandates. Unvaccinated Drexel community members returning from international travel must quarantine for 7 days. If you live in Drexel-affiliated housing and are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, please contact, so we can help coordinate arrangements.

Anyone traveling internationally must be aware of the CDC's international travel guidelines, including COVID testing requirements.

Students coordinating traveling inbound from international locations should reach out to the Health Insurance and Immunization office for support in facilitating testing and quarantine.

If you have any other questions, please email

Will I need to move to a different location for quarantine/isolation?

Our contact tracers will help address this in the event that you need to enter isolation or quarantine. The main consideration is whether you have a private space (no shared bathroom, kitchen, etc.) in which to completely isolate from anyone else in the building. If you test positive, and our initial conversation with you suggests a need to move to isolation housing, we will work with you to coordinate a time to check in as quickly as possible.

Students should plan to bring two weeks' worth of supplies if they are asked to quarantine or self-isolate. Review this list of suggested items to pack [PDF] and visit our If You Are Infected or Exposed page for more information.

COVID-19 Vaccines

Is Drexel offering the vaccine?

To provide our community with the safety and opportunity afforded by vaccination and support our vaccine requirements for Academic Year 2021-2022, Drexel offers free COVID-19 vaccine and booster shots for all students, faculty and staff. More information concerning vaccine clinics is available on our COVID-19 Vaccination and Boosters page.

For whom is vaccination (and a booster shot) required?

All undergraduate and graduate students taking part in any face-to-face classes, participating in extracurricular or other program activities on campus, accessing any facilities on campus, participating in any team sports, or working in Drexel facilities, are required to receive a COVID-19 vaccine AND to get a booster shot if it has been 5 or more months since initial vaccination. This applies to both full- and part-time students who spend time on campus, even if they live off campus. Students in the College of Nursing and Health Professions and the College of Medicine must also be vaccinated for clinical placements as must students planning for university-related domestic or international travel.

The CDC has released new guidance for certain individuals to obtain a second booster dose of vaccine. This guidance is optional, and Drexel does not require a second booster for students or employees. However, if you are within one of the eligible groups, you can obtain a second booster dose at Drexel’s vaccination sites or retail pharmacies near you.

Vaccination is not required for students who are attending fully online classes with no in-person requirements, are not living on campus, AND are not returning to campus at any time for any other reason (such as on-campus work, social engagements, or other extracurricular or programmatic activities). However, Drexel recommends that everyone who can get vaccinated do so.

Drexel University also requires all current faculty, professional staff, and post-doctoral trainees to be fully vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19.

Students and employees granted vaccine exemption based on medical or religious grounds will follow key public heath measures for their individual and collective health and safety, including enrollment in regular COVID-19 testing, required mask-wearing when indoors, and maintaining appropriate distance.

Full information about Drexel's vaccination requirements, how to get vaccinated through Drexel, and other vaccine information can be found on the COVID-19 Vaccination and Boosters page. You can also call our hotline for vaccine-related questions: 215-703-2335.

How do I upload proof of vaccination?

To meet Drexel’s vaccination requirements, you must upload proof of vaccination after your final dose, using the Drexel Health Checker (either the app or the browser version). You can also upload proof of a booster shot. You can use any internet-enabled device to do so.

Open the Health Checker and click “More” in the bottom right corner. Select “Vaccine Records.” Choose the vaccine type from the drop-down menu, enter the date of your dose and lot number, and then upload a photo of your record. Click “Save.” If you receive a two-dose vaccine, you will need to record your first dose before you can add your final dose.

When you upload a photo of your vaccination card, note that the dates on your vaccination card must match the dates you enter on the Health Checker. This helps us help you when we provide guidance about your health in certain situations. It also helps us reach out to you in a timely way if there is a future need for a booster vaccine or other health measure.

For more about uploading proof of vaccination, see our COVID-19 Vaccination and Boosters page.

In the Classroom

How is the University accommodating faculty, professional staff, and students with disability or academic accommodations?

Visit the Office of Disability Resources page for information on employee medical accommodations. Faculty or professional staff who are immunocompromised should work with their department head to develop a schedule that permits them to work remotely.

Students who seek accommodations or temporary adjustments for a documented disability should contact the Office of Disability Resources, which is the standard process.

For more about how faculty should accommodate students with approved requests for accommodation, view the Provost's Winter 2022 Return to Campus FAQ.

What support and resources are available for students?

Drexel continues to offer a wide variety of support resources for students engaged in all learning modalities. If a student is seeking academic support for coursework, they should visit the Learning Alliance webpage to explore tutoring and other content resources. In addition, the Center for Learning and Academic Success Support Services (CLASS) offers peer and professional academic coaching to customize learning strategies to individual student needs; they are also well-versed on all institutional resources and can help students get connected to the appropriate support. There are also programs to support specific student communities, such as the Drexel Autism Support Program (DASP), the Office of Disability Resources, the Center for Inclusive Education and Scholarship, the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation, and Veteran Student Services.

Additionally, Drexel University’s Student Success team offers a variety of experiences and services to help students get connected to social, residential, spiritual/religious, wellness and civic opportunities. Visit the Student Life webpage to learn more about services and activities.

Students who have hardware or software needs should contact their academic advisor for support. In addition, Drexel IT provides guidance on its web page for connecting to Drexel resources remotely. This includes information on accessing free or discounted internet and data services during COVID-19. There is also an online form for students to request a loaner laptop.

What do I need to know about masks in classrooms?

Drexel requires all students and employees to wear a mask in all indoor instructional settings while classes are taking place, regardless of vaccination status. Removing masks to eat during class is prohibited (although a brief drink of water is fine). For more about mask requirements, as well as how to enforce them, see the Winter 2022 Return to Campus FAQ from the Provost's Office.

Residential Life

Is on-campus housing open?

Drexel University housing, dining halls, and other facilities are open. All residential students must get a COVID test on returning at the start of term. Unvaccinated students living in Drexel residential housing will take part in weekly testing. If you have any questions, please contact Housing and Residence Life at or visit the Housing and Residence Life website. You can also call 215.895.6155 for the latest information regarding housing at Drexel.

Who do I contact if I have housing questions?

If you have any questions, please contact Housing and Residence Life at or visit the Housing and Residence Life website. You can also call 215.895.6155 for the latest information regarding housing and Drexel's coronavirus (COVID-19) response.

What is the Residential Guest Policy?

Guests, including family members, are now permitted on campus. However, guests must follow all the guidelines on our Visitors and Events page. In addition, non-Drexel guests to residence halls and fraternity/sorority housing must bring a state-issued ID and may be required to show proof of vaccination. Students are currently allowed up to three guests in a dorm at one time—including outside visitors.

Where can I find information about on-campus dining services?

For information on dining plans, locations and operations, please visit the Drexel Campus Dining webpage.


How will I be paid if I am showing symptoms or am diagnosed with COVID-19?

If the professional staff member is able and approved to work remotely, they will not be required to use their leave time. Members of a collective bargaining unit should refer to their union contract.

If the professional staff member is unable to work remotely, is expected to work on campus, or is experiencing symptoms and are unable to work as a result, they are required to use their sick leave. If they do not have enough sick leave accrued, the professional staff member will be permitted to utilize future sick leave accruals to ensure that there is no disruption in pay. Members of a collective bargaining unit should refer to their union contract.

Absences that span more than three days may be covered under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or the Non-FMLA Medical Leave of Absence. Faculty and professional staff members are encouraged to contact our Leave of Absence Administrator, Lincoln Financial Group. You may file for a leave of absence by phone at 1.888.992.0549 or online by logging in to DrexelOne and selecting “Leave of Absence” in the Benefits Administration section under the “Employee” tab.

What if my family member is showing symptoms or is diagnosed with COVID-19?

Vaccinated people are not required to quarantine if exposed to COVID-19 unless they show symptoms. Faculty and professional staff members who are off work to care for a family member should use available sick time during their absence. Qualifying family members are outlined in the Sick Leave Policy.

Absences that span more than three days may be covered under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or the Non-FMLA Medical Leave of Absence. Faculty and professional staff members are encouraged to contact our Leave of Absence Administrator, Lincoln Financial Group. You may file for a leave of absence by phone at 1.888.992.0549 or online by logging in to DrexelOne and selecting “Leave of Absence” in the Benefits Administration section under the “Employee” tab.

Can I ask a coworker if they have COVID, or communicate with faculty/professional staff members that a co-worker or student has tested positive for COVID-19?

No. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) restricts employers from sharing personal health information of an employee. Any faculty/professional staff members who have been exposed to or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 are required to email and provide their name and a phone number to be contacted by a Drexel representative. A physician will review and evaluate the responses to and communicate with the impacted department accordingly.

You are permitted to ask faculty/professional staff members how they are feeling in general, but you are not permitted to ask about a specific illness.

If you learn that you have been exposed to COVID-19, or if you learn about a case on campus, please follow the protocols in this Dos and Don'ts document [PDF].

How do I request or obtain PPE?

  • Individual schools, centers, departments and divisions should purchase PPE and cleaning supplies directly for their organizations through the identified preferred suppliers using the standards developed by Procurement Services.
  • Special Spot-Sourcing and Central Sourcing Support is available through our strategic sourcing team.
  • A central emergency inventory of various PPE items is maintained by EHRS to support University operations when needed.

I work in a leased location, should I follow guidance from the landlord or Drexel?

For faculty and staff returning to offices, labs, and other facilities, following Drexel’s health and safety procedures is of paramount importance. If there is any discrepancy between Drexel’s general procedures and guidelines provided by the company managing your building, follow the strictest rule for maximum safety. If you have challenges with the landlord gaining access to a leased location, please notify Drexel's Real Estate and Facilities team through the Facilities Call Center at 215.895.1700.

How will this affect my research project(s)?

Please see the Return to Research page for information.


Will on-campus events continue?

Drexel events with less than 100 planned guests, on and off campus, are currently permitted without requiring specific approval from the Return Oversight Committee. Events can include Drexel students, employees and outside guests considered to be visitors to campus. Maximum occupancy is limited to the host program’s ability to successfully adhere to and inform guests about all University COVID-19 protocols. Food and beverage are permitted at indoor as well as outdoor events, but should be served responsibly and are not permitted in any Drexel classrooms, laboratories, and studios that are actively being used for lectures or instructional purposes. Event hosts should work with Event Services for reservations and setups, and must still keep accurate lists of all attendees before and after events in case contact tracing is required. Students, please continue to work with Student Life.

When planning events at both on-campus and off-campus venues, always prioritize risk reduction practices.

Faculty and professional staff, if you are planning an indoor event with over 100 planned guests in single, given space on any campus inside any Drexel owned, leased or controlled building, please contact with event details. Students, please continue to work with Student Life.

Please refer to the Visitors and Events page for additional information and the most up-to-date guidelines.


What are Drexel's current travel policies?

Drexel is currently in Phase 3: LIMITED TRAVEL for University-related travel. View Phase 3 Travel Guidelines [PDF].

In Phase 3, all Drexel travelers participating on university-related travel are required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Travel by non-vaccinated travelers with a medical or religious exemption may be considered on a case by case basis. View Drexel travel guidelines and restrictions here.

For details on essential and approved travel, review the guidelines below:

More information on U.S. travel restrictions and guidelines can be found on the CDC’s Traveler’s Health website and on the Philadelphia Department of Public Health website.

How do I arrange for testing before I travel?

 Students that require testing for travel, please call Student Health to arrange testing, 215-220-4700. For more on COVID-19 and travel view Drexel's COVID-19 Essential Travel Guidance page.

Facilities and Sanitation

What processes does Drexel have in place to ensure clean and well-ventilated buildings?

We maintain, clean, and disinfect in accordance with CDC guidelines. We use a Hospital Grade Disinfectant when disinfecting buildings at least daily with second shift personnel giving special attention to high-traffic areas. We are also using electrostatic sprayers in some areas when needed or appropriate. Facilities staff are fully compliant with PPE at all times.

We have also reviewed and adjusted HVAC systems, filters, etc., to ensure shared spaces meet ASHRAE’s 62.1 Standard on “Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality.” That has included purchasing and installing over 600 standalone HEPA air purification units throughout all 3 campuses to support existing house ventilation. For more information, view our Facilities page.

What if I am still uncertain if my space meets the proper requirements for occupancy?

Talk with you Building Administrator and/or Area Manager to express your specific concerns. Departmental concerns should be brought to the attention of EHRS so that spaces of concern can be verified/evaluated as needed.

What should I do if a bathroom is out of soap or paper towels or an on-campus sanitizer station is empty?

Please call the Facilities Call Center (Monday-Friday 8 a.m.–5 p.m.) at 215.895.1700 to report the concern. Student residents can also contact their residence hall Front Desk for assistance.


What if I have other questions?

For general questions, email

For questions about COVID testing or the Drexel Health Checker: Review the FAQs on our Drexel Health Checker page and the COVID-19 Testing page. If you have additional questions, or if you encounter difficulties with the app, email

How do I report an unsafe situation?

If you know of a recent (or upcoming) situation in which people in the Drexel community may have been exposed to COVID-19, especially due to a health and safety violation, please visit the Drexel Compliance Hotline site at and click the button under "For COVID-19 Questions or Concerns."

Visit University Resources to find information for each college, school, and administrative department.

Questions? Please contact

Updated May 11, 2022