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Sujata Bhatia

Sujata Bhatia, MD, PhD

Research Professor
Drexel University College of Medicine, Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Phone: 215.762.1903


I am both a licensed professional engineer and a physician. The goal of my work is to improve human health through the application of engineering analysis. My background spans industry and academia, and my experience includes medical device and biotechnology product development, preclinical trials, clinical trials and intellectual property. Currently I am focused on graduate education, specifically the training of the next generation of biomedical innovators. I serve as director of the Biomedicine Graduate Programs at the Drexel University College of Medicine. In this capacity, I lead the development and administration of novel interdisciplinary academic programs. These pioneering biomedicine graduate degree programs operate at the intersection of medicine and law; medicine and business; medicine and entrepreneurship; and medicine and media arts and design. My aspirational goal is to create additional biomedicine graduate degree programs that unite medicine and engineering, as well as medicine and computer science.

I engage students in product design for medicine. I develop hands-on clinical immersion experiences so that students can apply their skills in entrepreneurship, business, law, media arts and design, and engineering to identify unmet clinical needs; predict human disease patterns; and prevent, treat and cure illness. In turn, I use examples from clinical medicine, drug delivery and biomaterials in my teaching to illustrate concepts of thermodynamics, kinetics and transport phenomena. I believe that physicians and engineers must be motivated by societal benefit and therefore I am motivated by stopping the world’s leading killers.

Over the course of my career, I have taught students and worked with colleagues from diverse fields, including philosophy, history, linguistics, international development, political science, entrepreneurship, finance, art, science and engineering. I am committed to the idea that individuals from all backgrounds can contribute to medicine, and I encourage prospective graduate students from all academic backgrounds to contact me to discuss educational opportunities and pathways at Drexel University College of Medicine.


  • MD – University of Pennsylvania (2003)
  • PhD – University of Pennsylvania (2003)


Research Interests

Advancing healthcare; biomedical and biochemical engineering for clinical applications; biomaterials for medical devices; innovative teaching models for clinical immersion, experiential learning, and product design.




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Appeared on Kindle best-seller lists for Polymer Science, Polymer Chemistry, and Microbiology

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• Appeared on best-seller lists for Biomedical Engineering, Clinical Chemistry, and Biotechnology
• Appeared on Kindle best-seller lists for Clinical Chemistry and Materials Science
• Selected as Innovation Book of the Week by Harvard Science, Technology, and Globalization Project


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