Culture of Equity

Foster & Strengthen an Inclusive & Equity Driven Culture

Establish a diverse, inclusive and antiracist learning community that provides equitable opportunities for excellence and achievement for all faculty, students, professional staff, and partners.

Goal: Increase sense of belonging by 20% points across all populations
Feel a Sense of Belonging

Percent of undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and professional staff who feel a sense of belonging, Drexel University’s Climate Survey, 2021.
Bar graph showing reported sense of belonging in Drexel community members, showing that Drexel's goal is to achieve an approximately 20% increase in reported sense of belonging for all groups by 2030.
Feel a Sense of Belonging
Source: Drexel University Climate Survey, 2021

Chart Description

Drexel University’s Climate Survey (2021) indicated that 55% of undergraduate students, 64% of graduate students, 66% of faculty and 51% of professional staff feel a sense of belonging at Drexel. The goal of the Culture of Equity imperative is to increase the sense of belonging for each of these populations by 20% points: undergraduate students (75%), graduate students (84%), faculty (86%), and professional staff (71%).