Executive Planning Committee

Drexel University developed a ten-year strategic plan under the direction of the Executive Planning Committee (EPC) chaired by President John Fry. 

The EPC was formed in October 2019 and charged with increasing the University's capacity for collaborative leadership, deliberation, and debate on alignment of strategic priorities and resource allocation, with the twin functions of:

  1. Expressing the institutional vision (strategic plan).
  2. Ensuring progress of the vision (implementation).

The EPC consists of institutional leaders from across academic and administrative units to ensure broad representation of experiences and ideas. A list of members can be found in the implementation guide.

EPC members continue to ensure continuity and alignment across implementation by providing guidance and insights as members of the CORE team, Focus Areas Collaborative Council, and Imperative Integration Council.

Strategic Plan Development

In developing the strategic plan, EPC members engaged in the following activities during the first year:

  • Development of a set of guidelines and values by which to do the work.
  • Initial brainstorming and roundtable discussions around best practices in strategic planning.
  • Meetings with the colleges, schools and key stakeholders.
  • Reading and research related to industry trends expected to impact the future of higher education, including government, industry and workforce factors.
  • Development, distribution, and analysis of a survey for faculty and professional staff members.
  • Initial announcement of the University's mission and vision.
  • Continued discussions and University-wide town halls around to Drexel's commitment to anti-racism, impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and opportunities for increased revenue and improved efficiencies.

Drexel University's strategic plan, Drexel 2030 – Designing the Future, was approved by the Board of Trustees and launched in December 2020.