Prior to the formation of the Executive Planning Committee and launch of the Drexel 2030 Strategic Plan, members of the University community engaged in pre-planning to position Drexel favorably for the next planning cycle.

Pre-planning activities served as a transitional effort between the prior and future strategic plans.

The pre-planning committee, which consisted of faculty, professional staff and senior leaders, were assembled into three diverse groups which represented topic areas that were well-represented in the 2012-2019 strategic plan and continue to be primary areas of focus in future planning:

  • Academic Resource Planning -  Assessing academic program quality, cost, and demand
  • Institutional Effectiveness - Assessing and improving institutional effectiveness in administrative areas and processes
  • Retention - Improving retention and graduation rates

A fourth coordinating group, Thinking Forward, undertook environmental scanning to develop recommendations for an effective structure and process to the next strategic planning process.