Strategic Initiative Funding

Individuals or teams requiring funds to support strategic initiatives that align with the Drexel 2030 Strategic Plan are encouraged to submit proposals.
  1. Pre-Proposal Submission: Brief pre-proposal form to be completed by initiative team. Strategic initiative should be innovative, impactful and relate to one or more of the Drexel 2030 imperatives.
  2. Pre-Proposal Review: Drexel 2030 CORE team reviews pre-proposal and provides feedback. The CORE team will use the Pre-proposal review rubric to ensure all relevant information is included and all appropriate groups have been included/consulted. If it is approved to move forward, CORE team will identify & notify members of the Strategic Initiative Panel (SIP) who will review the full proposal.
  3. Full Proposal Submission: Once initiative team has been notified of pre-proposal acceptance, team completes Full Proposal. Teams should ensure that proposals are being reviewed/completed with other stakeholders that will be involved in/impacted by the strategic initiative (ex: schools/colleges, IT, etc.). While supplier/vendor research  (if applicable) may be necessary to complete proposal, specific suppliers/vendors will not be consulted  or selected at this stage. The full proposal includes the completion of a budget and benefits worksheet. 
  4. Full Proposal Review: Once these are complete, the CORE team will review and assemble a Strategic Initiative Panel (SIP), composed of faculty, professional staff and subject matter experts, and will use the strategic initiative full proposal evaluation rubric to review and recommend which strategic initiatives receive funding during a specific cycle. The SIP will make a recommendation to the CORE team, which will review  and finalize the recommendation to be made to the COO, Provost and President.
  5. Strategic Initiative Funding Distribution:
    Initiative teams are notified of approved funding (including specific funding level). Drexel University standard processes (ex: procurement RFP, human resource hiring process, etc.) will need to be followed for all funds awarded.
  6. Evaluation of Initiative: Progress check-in at 6 months post-funding is required (providing updates on implementation, roadblocks, etc.). An annual strategic initiative funding report will also be required and should indicate progress to key performance indicators before year 2 funding is released.
  • Title of proposed strategic initiative
  • Main contact person
  • Discussion with key groups
  • Connection to Drexel 2030 Imperative
  • Range of budget requested and brief description of how budget will be used
  • Description of proposed strategic initiative including: problem or opportunity related to strategic goal, innovative approach to address problem/opportunity, effort of stakeholders necessary, impact on Drexel campus or community, success metrics/key performance indicators
  • Timeframe
  • Initiative constraints
  • Identification of key stakeholders
  • Alternative investment analysis
  • Objectives, outcomes, key performance indicators
  • Detailed benefits (return on investment)
  • Detailed budget

Please view our list of Frequently Asked Questions for more details.