Drexel 2030 Strategic Plan implementation efforts are communicated through a variety of methods ensuring all members of the Drexel community, internal and external, can learn more, engage, and provide feedback and ideas.
Quote-gradient A strategic plan can really only be effective if the community is engaged and aware of what’s going on.
Nadine Ezzat

Nadine Ezzat

Vice President of Marketing, University Marketing and Communications
Sandra Strang

Sandra Strang

Director of Communications & Events, Graduate College

Our approach is to ensure bi-directional communication and cross-collaboration throughout the implementation process.

  • Dedicated website and landing page on
  • Dedicated email address
  • Quarterly 2030 Report e-newsletter to faculty and professional staff
  • Annual report
  • DrexelNEWS features
  • Drexel Magazine features
  • Drexel 2030 Podcast Series
  • Video highlights
  • 24/7 feedback form
  • Implementation guide
  • Virtual community updates and town halls
  • Virtual engagement series and roundtable discussions
  • All-implementation member retreats
  • Toolkit for University communicators (Coming soon)

Microsoft Teams Site

Implementation team members have access to the Drexel 2030 Strategic Plan Implementation Microsoft Teams site for access to internal files.

Access the Teams Site

Introducing the Drexel 2030 Podcast

Podcast Episode 2

Angela Dowd-Burton, one of three contributing authors of A Legacy to Share: Navigating Life’s Challenges and Celebrating Our Greatest Achievements, presented by the Drexel University Black Alumni Council, shares her story on the Drexel 2030 podcast series.

Listen to the Legacy to Share full episode.

Drexel 2030 AEOs Podcast recording session

Executive Vice President and Nina Henderson Provost Paul Jensen shares the progress and development of Drexel’s Areas of Excellence and Opportunity (AEOs) on the latest episode of the Drexel 2030 podcast series.

Listen to the Areas of Excellence full episode.