Graduation Requirements: Undergraduate Students

Policy Statement

The following conditions must be met for a undergraduate student to be considered a degree candidate:

  • An application for degree form must be filed via DrexelOne no later than the deadlines specified in the academic calendar.
  • The number of term credits required for the program or major in which the student is enrolled must be completed. The minimum number of term credits varies by program, but in no program is the minimum fewer than 180 credits.
  • All specific course requirements for the program or major in which the student is enrolled must be completed.
  • Undergraduates: A GPA of 2.0 or higher for all coursework undertaken at Drexel University must have been earned.
  • All minors must be completed at the same time the requirements for the degree are completed. A minor cannot be obtained independent of the degree.
  • The number of co-op units for the program or major in which the student is enrolled must be completed.
  • At least half the professional courses required for the student's specific program or major must be completed at Drexel. A minimum of 45 quarter credits must be completed at Drexel. The senior year must be spent at Drexel unless the academic dean of the college or director of the school in which the student is enrolled waives this requirement.
  • A student must be matriculated in their college or school during the last term in which coursework is taken.
  • All grades for required courses must be submitted to the University Registrar. No student will be approved for a degree while a grade for any course on the academic record remains outstanding.
  • A student must receive final academic clearance from their College/Department representative for graduation.
  • A student must satisfy all financial obligations to the University in order to recieve their diploma.
  • If for any reason a student does not meet all requirements for graduation that student cannot graduate until the term in which all requirements are met.
  • If a student completes all requirements for graduation in any term prior to the spring term, the degree will be awarded in the term in which the requirements are met.
  • The name on a student's diploma must match their name on their academic record. A student can change their name but it must be done before the last day of classes in the respective term in which their degree is awarded.