Proposal Submission Deadlines

The submission deadlines given below are the dates that proposals must reach the CL Review stage of CourseLeaf.

Each college/school determines their own initial proposal submission deadline which may depend on the number of approval steps required by the college/school. We recommend setting the college-level submission deadline at least one month prior to the submission deadlines described below.

Important dates

October 3, 2023 – Course Inactivation(s)
November 8, 2023 – Final New Program Deadline

What's due:

  • All new program proposals
  • All new course proposals for courses used in new programs

A NEW program is defined as:

  • A program made of existing courses
  • A program consisting of all new courses
  • A program consisting of a mix of new and existing courses
  • Renaming an existing program
  • A program that exists but is not in the catalog

January 17, 2024 – Changes to Existing Programs and Courses

Changes to existing programs with the exception of program name

  • Adding or removing courses
  • Sample Plan of Study changes
  • Changing/adding co-op options
  • Adding/removing delivery method (i.e. Face-to-Face, Online, etc.)
  • Increasing/decreasing program’s total credits

New courses being proposed as electives or for inclusion in existing programs*

  • New courses that are included in new programs must be submitted by Nov. 15

Course inactivation

  • All affected programs must be notified and such notifications are to be attached to proposal
  • Inactivated courses must be manually removed from affected program proposals and those program proposals must be submitted through the review process as well.

Program inactivation

Non-substantive changes to the course description*

  • Substantive change requires the creation and submission of a new course proposal

Course title change (long and abbreviated title)*

Pre/co-requisite additions or deletions*

Restrictions added or removed*

Repeat status addition or deletion*

Credit hour increase or decrease*

Changes to the offering/schedule type (lecture, lab, etc.)

Primary/default grade change 

All course inactivations

*Requires submission of new syllabus

Additional information, including an FAQ, can be found on the Catalog Help Center (a SharePoint site). If you have any questions about the process, please contact SCAA Chair, Ms. Monica Illies at or the Director of the University Catalog, Charleen Baselice at, and copy