Update on Fall Planning & Course Scheduling
I hope the spring term is going well for all of you. With only a couple weeks left to finalize fall term course scheduling, I am sharing some important updates and reminders.
Maximizing Financial Aid: The Launch of Drexel's Course Program of Study (CPoS) Technology
In the University's ongoing efforts to assist students in progressing toward graduation as efficiently as possible and maximizing federal aid eligibility, we are announcing the implementation of Drexel's Course Program of Study (CPoS) technology beginning Summer terms 2021.
Returning to Normal Grading
Since the start of the pandemic, students in most programs have had the option of selecting a Pass/No Pass grading option for their classes. The Pass/No Pass option provided flexibility as students and faculty were adjusting to learning and teaching remotely. As we continue our return to campus, we will be ending Pass/No Pass and returning to normal grading beginning in the summer term.
Planning for Fall Return to Campus
As President Fry shared on March 15, it is our intention to return to a full face-to-face experience in the fall, beginning with a further ramp up of in-person and hybrid instruction this summer.