Maximizing Financial Aid: The Launch of Drexel's Course Program of Study (CPoS) Technology

Dear Students and Colleagues,

In the University's ongoing efforts to assist students in progressing toward graduation as efficiently as possible and maximizing federal aid eligibility, we are announcing the implementation of Drexel's Course Program of Study (CPoS) technology beginning Summer terms 2021.

Developing and following a curriculum plan of study is essential to ensuring students complete their degree requirements on schedule and receive all the financial aid they expect along the way. The U.S. Department of Education requires that institutions only distribute federal financial aid for courses that apply directly to a student's degree program. This means if a student enrolls in a course that does not count toward their academic program, that course cannot be used to establish eligibility for federal financial aid. This could lead to a reduction in the amount of federal financial aid a student receives during an academic term. (Note that free electives that are built into the plan of study do count toward eligibility.)

CPoS is technology that reviews a student's course registration for each term and compares it to the requirements of their academic program. If a student has registered for courses that do not count toward their degree and which could impact their federal financial aid eligibility, CPoS will notify students through their Drexel email account. From there, the Office of Drexel Central will be able to help students understand the financial aid implications of their current course registration. Students should then review their DegreeWorks Worksheet in DrexelOne and consult with their academic advisor about potential curriculum and/or registration changes. If you have questions about your plan of study or curriculum, please contact your academic advisor for assistance.

It is the University's hope that Course Program of Study (CPoS) will help students remain on academic track toward graduation while keeping them fully eligible for federal financial aid (e.g. Pell Grant, SEOG, TEACH Grant, Work-Study, Direct Student Loans, Direct PLUS Loans, etc.).

For more detailed information about this helpful new tool and a related FAQ, please follow the link to the Course Program of Study (CPoS) website.


Paul E. Jensen
Executive Vice President
Nina Henderson Provost
University Professor