Four Paths to $400 In Your Paycheck!

Drexel University faculty and professional staff can earn additional payouts by participating in Drexel's Wellness Incentive Program.
Dollars with stethoscope on them

Have you taken advantage of Drexel University's award-winning Wellness Program and Wellness Incentive Program for benefits-eligible employees (not to mention their eligible spouses and domestic partners)?

Drexel faculty and professional staff members are eligible to earn up to $400 back in their paycheck through this annual program. You have until Nov. 30 of this year to earn 400 points ($400) in your pay.

This flexible benefit allows you to choose your own wellness adventure and uncover how you can engage with your wellbeing while earning money to treat yourself. The only required step is the Personal Health Profile (PHP), which must be completed before you are eligible to receive payouts in your check.

However you decide to engage, don’t delay! You (and your eligible spouse/domestic partner) only have until November 30 to earn points for the 2023 program. Need some support? Check out the FAQs on the HR website for more information to get started today, including upcoming events and opportunities to earn points.

Plus, here are four examples of how you can complete your annual Wellness Incentive Program and earn $400, using events and opportunities found through the Drexel Events Calendar, Human Resources events calendar and Health Advocate:

Path One: The Tracker

The person who loves keeping tabs on their wellbeing.

  • Personal Health Profile: $50
  • Biometric Screening at LabCorp: $100
  • Tobacco Status (Smoke-Free): $50
  • Drexel Walking Club*: $50 ($5 per walk on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays):
  • Ten at 10 program: $50 ($1 per self-recorded selfcare break)
  • Fruits and Vegetables Tracker: $25 ($1 per day for eating 5 servings)
  • Reduce Social Media: $50 ($1 per day for reducing social media usage)
  • Steps Tracker: $25 ($1 per day for walking 10,000 steps or more)

Path Two: The Lifelong Learner

The person who works on both physical and mental health.

  • Personal Health Profile: $50
  • Drexel Onsite Workshops (Yoga, Financial Fitness, Meditation & More): $200
  • Health Advocate workshops: $75 (3 at $25 each)
  • Company Challenges**: $50 (2 at $25 each)
  • Meditation/Resilience Tracker (1 point per day logged): $25
  • Drexel Meditation Group***: $50 ($5 per session on the second and fourth Thursdays)

Path Three: The Data Collector

The person who loves knowing their numbers.

  • Personal Health Profile: $50
  • Biometric Screening at LabCorp: $100
  • Annual physical exam at primary care physician’s office: $50
  • Tobacco Status (Smoke-Free): $50
  • Wellness Coaching: $100 (complete six sessions to earn $100)
  • Sleep Tracking: $50 ($1 per day for sleeping 7–9 hours)

Path Four: The Self-care Committed

The person who loves staying ahead of their health.

  • Personal Health Profile: $50
  • Annual physical: $50
  • Mammogram: $50
  • Dental exam: $100 ($50 per cleaning, twice per year):
  • Tobacco Status (Smoke-Free): $50
  • Drexel Meditation Group: $50
  • Ten at 10 program: $50 ($1 per self-recorded self-care break)

*Drexel offers two company challenges per summer. This year the University is offering the Back on Track movement challenge in July and the Back to the Present mindfulness awareness challenge in August. Click on the links above to learn when and how to register and join these low-key competitions. Compete with yourself to make improvements in your movement and meditation routines.

**Here’s how to join our Drexel Walking Club and earn points.

***Learn more about the Drexel Meditation Group and earn points.