How Does it Work?: Health Advocate

Health Advocate helps full-time and part-time benefits-eligible employees and their family members navigate the healthcare system.
How Does it Work? Health Advocate

This interview is part of DrexelNEWS’ recurring feature — “How Does It Work?” — spotlighting operational or administrative departments, teams or processes you might not know about, but who keep the Drexel cogs moving each and every day!

Have you ever received a medical bill and all you could think was, “Huh?” You’re not alone. The healthcare system can be challenging to navigate, whether you’re looking for a new in-network provider or seeking clarity on the details of your coverage. 

Enter Health Advocate, a company trained to understand these nuances and — as a benefit provided to Drexel faculty and professional staff — help guide you through them. Whether you're having trouble figuring out a hospital bill, navigating a health concern, understanding your benefits or finding a doctor, Health Advocate is available to you and your dependents by phone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Below, Drexel Wellness Consultant Monica Fauble breaks down this completely free and extraordinarily useful benefit!

Q: What is Health Advocate? What is its purpose?

A: Health Advocate helps full-time and part-time benefits-eligible employees and their family members navigate the healthcare system. This advocacy benefit is offered free of charge to all Drexel benefits-eligible faculty and professional staff as well as their parents, parents-in-law and dependents aged 18 or older.

Health Advocate can help with billing and claims issues, understanding medical costs, finding a doctor, therapist or specialist, and making appointments. It can even help with understanding a medical diagnosis and figuring out how to work with your doctor to get the best care. Health Advocate has a range of specialists on staff — from claims and billing specialists to health coaches and registered nurses — to help you understand all aspects of your care and the ins and outs of a diagnosis. That way, you can feel empowered in making the best decisions for yourself and your well-being. Essentially, if you have any questions related to your healthcare coverage or your healthcare itself, it is likely that Health Advocate can help you. 

Health Advocate is also the administrator of Drexel’s Employee Wellness Incentive Program

Q: What do employees need to know about Health Advocate?

A: You may not know that Health Advocate is available for full-time and part-time benefits eligible employees and for their family members — completely free of charge. This means that if you’re stressing about, for example, locating a skilled care facility for your mother-in-law or understanding Medicare options, Health Advocate can help you with these issues. You can call for your mother-in-law (with her written permission/medical release form) or she can call herself. If a family member (parent, parent-in-law, or dependents 18 and over) call, they just need to give your name and your employer (Drexel University) to start using this benefit.

You do not need to be enrolled in Drexel’s medical plans to use this benefit. Health Advocate can help answer your insurance questions, regardless of who your carrier is.

Q: How does using Health Advocate work? Break it down.

A: The best way to get help from Health Advocate is to call their toll-free number at 1.866.695.8622 to get started. Employees can also submit a request for help through the Health Advocate website or app. First-time users will need to create an account to log in and contact Health Advocate via their secure portal (if you’re already enrolled in the Wellness Incentive Program, you do not need to create a new account to use the advocacy services). Once logged in, click on the “I would like to…” menu to select the reason you’d like to connect with Health Advocate. You can also select the blue box in the bottom right-hand corner to quickly connect with a representative through live chat.

Q: What’s one thing you want employees to know about Health Advocate?  

A: Health Advocate helps you protect your most valuable asset — your time. When you contact Health Advocate, you will sign any necessary HIPAA releases to allow them to take the lead in coordinating with your healthcare provider and your insurance company. This can save you hours on hold or on the phone, and it can save you so much stress and worry as you know that you have an Advocate working on your behalf.

Q: What are some specific examples of help Health Advocate offers?

A: Here are just a few things Health Advocate can do for you and your family:

  • Quickly connect to all of your benefits, get answers to your insurance questions, and resolve billings and claims issues
  • Find the right in-network doctors, make appointments and transfer medical records; arrange second opinions
  • Make informed decisions about medical conditions
  • Explore the latest treatment options and arrange second opinions
  • Understand how your benefits work and clarify copays and deductibles
  • Stay on track with your well-being goals with one-on-one support from a Wellness Coach
  • Build healthy habits, learn new skills and increase self-confidence
  • Learn how your lifestyle may be affecting your health
  • Gain insight into your well-being and help you discover what is important to you
  • Provide tools and resources to help you be well, balanced, connected and successful

Q: Who can I contact for more info on this benefit?

A: You can contact me (Wellness Consultant Monica Fauble) at I can answer any questions you might have! Reaching out to Health Advocate directly at 1.866.695.8622 will get you the fastest help.