Frequently Asked Questions

“Yes, We’re Open!” and Other Q’s and A’s About the Legal Research Center

Q: Is the LRC open and have the hours changed?

A: Yes! The Legal Research Center is open 24 hours. Hours for the Library Assistance Desk and Reference Desk can be found here.

Q: Are masks required?

A: No. Wearing a mask in the LRC is recommended, but not required.

Q: Are food and drink permitted?

A: It depends. Closed beverages are allowed, but there is no food allowed in the LRC. Our food-free policy greatly reduces pest problems in the library, which helps us maintain our study space and our physical collection items.

As an alternative to eating in the library, students may use the 2nd and 3rd floor gallery spaces inside the law school. The outside courtyard is also available. For more outdoor seating provided by Drexel Dining, visit this map. For the most recent information on Drexel’s indoor dining locations, visit this page. (Be sure to keep a lookout for outdoor seating tents as new locations are added.)

Students and visitors who fail to comply with staff directives regarding food will be given a chance to correct the behavior or leave. Students who fail to comply or leave after the second warning will be reported to Dean Oates. Other visitors will be asked to leave and not permitted to return.

Q: Can I just come in and sit down anywhere?

A: It depends. 
  1. No reservations are needed for seats in the LRC’s quiet study zone (the main library floor space).
  2. If you’d like to reserve an individual seat, you can book a spot in one of the LRC's silent study zones: the seating area behind the study rooms, or in the annex (at the Kline-side entrance). Seats in these zones include Tables 1 thru 14 and Carrels 1 thru 24. Students who reserve a seat may check in using the QR code by the seat number. These seats are also available on a first come, first served basis.
  3. Study rooms require a reservation. Reservations can be made in advance or at the Library Assistance Desk. In either case, room keys must be checked out at the desk. Please note:
    • Only one member of a study group needs to book a reservation.
    • Back-to-back reservations between group members are not permitted.
    • Rooms may be reserved for a maximum of 4 hours per day.
    • Reservations made in advance online can be booked for up to 4 hours.
    • Reservations made at the Library Assistance Desk will book your room for 2 hours. If there is no waiting list for your study room when you return your key, you may request a renewal.
    Reservations will be cancelled if the key is not claimed at the Library Assistance Desk within 10 minutes of the start time.

Q: How do I get reference or research help?

A: Research assistance will be available in person in the LRC during the below times. Just ask at the Library Assistance desk if you do not see a reference librarian.

  • Monday-Friday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

You can also make an individual appointment with a librarian for research assistance through our reservation system.

Reference help will also be available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday via our online chat service, available in the right-hand column of our website.

Q: How do I check out books?

A: You can look up items you wish to check out in our library catalog, or you are welcome to browse our stacks. Please put any books that you look at but do not check out on the red carts so that we can track usage of our materials.

Q: What about course reserve items?

A: Course reserves are available at the Library Assistance Desk. You may check them out for two hours and may only use them in the LRC. You can always scan copies of the pages using our book scanner.

Remember, you also have access to our e-books through our online databases linked from our website, and we have outlined how you may go about accessing some materials in both our Course Reserves library guide (password: Drexel) and our LRC Online Services library guide.

Q: How can I print things?

A: You may use both multi-function printers located in the law annex and outside the copy room door. See HERE for instructions on how to print. Remember that all law students are allotted $20 in printing funds each semester.

The Lexis printers are also up and running! Keep in mind that you may only print materials from Lexis+ on these printers.