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Q&A with Linda Moran, Goodwin Student Speaker for the Class of 2022

A general studies major with a dual minor in Criminal Justice, and Client Development and Customer Service, Linda looks to continue her career with Drexel Public Safety and expand her academic career with a master's degree.

June 7, 2022

Linda Moren

In 2017, at the age of forty-four with a full-time job in Drexel's Department of Public Safety, Linda Moran made the decision to enroll as an undergraduate student after being away from the academic world since graduating from high school in 1991. As an experienced professional, majoring in General Studies offered her the opportunity to expand and grow her knowledge over a broad range of courses covering multiple disciplines.

What are some memorable moments from your time as a Goodwin student?

My most memorable moment as a Goodwin student was becoming a published author. Through a Creative Writing class that I took, I discovered a passion for writing. One assignment was to write a poem in relation to a work of art. I wrote the poem, "Thoughts at a Mirror," based upon the Normal Rockwell painting, "Girl at the Mirror." My teenage daughter as my muse, I wrote about how much we worry about the impression others have of us from a physical point of view. The poem was published in the 2019 version of the University's literary magazine, MAYA.

Who are some of the individuals from Goodwin's faculty and staff who have helped and supported you during your time here?

As an online student, building relationships wasn't the easiest, due to the lack of personal contact. However, I had Professor Craig Loundas for a few courses and his personality "behind the screen" stood out. He is very personable and knowledgeable. In several email exchanges, I learned about some of his personal experiences, and we shared some laughs. In my five years as a Goodwin student, I have not had the chance to meet anyone in person. I was thrilled to find out that Professor Loundas will be our keynote speaker, so I'm very much looking forward to the chance of meeting him.

What is the top lesson you learned either in or outside of the classroom?

The top lesson I learned from my classes is that I was bound to learn something from every class, no matter how obscure a class was that I had enrolled in. From classes in topics from sports management to serial killers, I took advantage of every opportunity to learn about something that I generally wouldn't have had the chance to. They say that knowledge is power, but for me it is so much more. It is opportunities, it is experiences, it is learning, and most importantly, it is a gateway to building relationships and networks.

Looking back on your time at Goodwin, how would you say you have grown or changed?

From my time at Goodwin, I have become more independent and open-minded to new encounters. Through this, I have learned to embrace projects and opportunities. Through coursework and experiences, I have grown personally, professionally and academically. Overall, I have become a better version of me, unafraid to be vocal, and willing to open new doors.

What accomplishment from your time at Goodwin are you most proud of?

I am most proud of receiving a certificate in the mail, acknowledging my first time on the Dean's List. For me, this marked an accomplishment I never dreamed of obtaining, or even knew existed. This set a standard for me, it was something I looked forward to getting each new academic year. Maintaining my GPA was something that became my goal. With a current 3.8 GPA, I'm proud that I was able to show my children that aiming for a goal sometimes may seem out of reach, but if you dedicate yourself to it, then it is certainly possible.

How did your time at Goodwin help you with your current job role?

Through my coursework at Goodwin, I have grown more confident as a professional. Taking classes outside of my general focus of administrative work has opened me up to opportunities that I never thought I'd have. I've become more comfortable with public speaking (although Commencement will be my biggest, most formal audience), event planning and project management. Overall, my general desire to take on different tasks and head up new projects has increased dramatically.

What are you planning to share in your message to your fellow graduates?

On the evening of Commencement, I will be sharing a few thoughts on our journey up to this point and emphasizing that we all have the ability to be the change in a world that hasn't been so kind to us and finding the joy in everything we do. I'll be encouraging the audience to move out of their comfort zone and do things they wouldn't normally do.