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Why Go Abroad?

Internationalizing the Drexel experience by studying or working abroad allows students to gain a unique perspective of the world. Spending time immersed in another culture puts students outside of their "comfort zone" so they can develop new strengths and understandings. Every day brings a new challenge and new adventure!

Benefits of Study Abroad

Expanded world view

Students come to college to learn and expand their views - what better way to accomplish this than by studying overseas? By taking courses in a different country, students gain a different perspective on their field of study and a deeper understanding of the world.

Graduate with no regrets

When US college graduates are polled, their two biggest regrets are not studying abroad and not learning a second language. Studying abroad gives students a chance to live in another country for a long term, which is much harder to do after graduating from college. Doesn't it make sense to take advantage of this opportunity and graduate with no regrets?

Become more marketable

Employers are looking for students who are resourceful, independent thinkers, able to take risks, and work with people from all over the world. A study abroad experience gives students these skills and shows employers that they have what it takes to get the job done!

Stand out from the crowd

Less than 10% of American college students study abroad as compared to 80% of European students. Becoming part of this small but growing group of students will show peers, professors, and employers that the student is motivated, inquisitive, and willing to try new things. Students become more attuned to international issues, business, and culture, and thereby able to take advantage of numerous opportunities in the future.


Don't let the common study abroad myths dissuade you! Students should understand the truths about study abroad.

Study abroad is for ALL majors.

While for some students a study abroad experience is almost a part of their major, all students, with a bit of planning and perseverance can go overseas. There are programs for Engineers, Business students, Fashion Design majors and everything in between.

Study abroad is affordable.

If students participate in a Drexel sponsored program during a normally scheduled academic term, their Drexel tuition and all financial aid will remain the same. Considering that there are housing, meals, books and personal expenses whether a student is in Philadelphia or Hong Kong, the actual additional expenses are often less than expected. In some cases, those costs are even less abroad than living in Philadelphia!

Speaking a foreign language is not mandatory in order to study abroad.

Drexel offers many programs that are taught entirely in English or have little to no language requirement. Some of these include: England, Turkey, Hong Kong, Denmark, and many of the Global Engineering Education Exchange (GE3) program options.

Study abroad will not cause students to fall behind academically.

With a bit of planning and flexibility students usually find that studying abroad does not delay their graduation in any way. Of course, students must work closely with their academic advisors and choose their courses carefully to understand how the study abroad courses will fit into their overall degree requirements and curriculum sequence.

Photos by
Sana'i Parker, Hong Kong
Ben Stefanides, Cuba