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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you review the following frequently asked questions prior to taking your required placement exams.

If you have additional questions that are NOT covered below, you can send an email to; include your 8-digit University ID number with your inquiry. Responses are typically sent within 24–48 business hours.

Students with disabilities are eligible to receive accommodations for the placement exams. Please note that requests for accommodations must be submitted and approved prior to attempting to take a placement exam. To receive an accommodation for one or more placement exams, please contact Disability Resources. Your documentation will be reviewed and Disability Resources will speak with you prior to approving an accommodation. Contact Disability Resources for more information on documentation requirements.

Yes. You may change your answer by selecting the question, choosing a new response, and selecting the "save" button. However, once you select the "submit" button, changes to the exam are not permitted.

No. The placement exams provide an assessment of your academic readiness and are used to determine your schedule for the fall term. The academic assessment ensures that you are at an appropriate level to succeed in your fall courses.

No. The placement exams provide an assessment of your academic background, which enables your schedule to be built. Because a placement exam is not thought of as a traditional test, there are no grades/results available. No score is reflected on your academic transcript. However, feedback for certain subjects is available upon completion of an exam via DrexelOne.

If you feel as though you have been registered for a course that does not match your ability, you should contact your academic advisor for assistance.

All new first-time first-year students are required to take the placement exams for scheduling purposes. Should you fail to complete your required placement exam(s), you will not be enrolled in fall term courses.

As our summer preparatory reviews are only offered July–August, you are eligible to enroll in the course placement displayed in your DrexelOne portal under "Complete Exams."

Yes. These scores are typically unavailable until after fall schedules are initially built. Regardless of anticipated submission of any AP, IB, or CLEP score, all new first-time first-year students are required to take all placement exams required for their chosen major for the purpose of developing their fall term schedule. More information here.

Yes. The placement exams are used to assist your academic advisor in the creation of your fall term schedule and to provide faculty with useful information to aid in the development of course curriculum.

No, you are not permitted to use a calculator on the Calculus or Math Analysis placement exams. It is important that you complete your required exam without the use of a calculator so that your advisor is provided with a true understanding of your academic preparation.

To discuss course placement for the fall term, please contact your academic advisor

If you have not been assigned to the Modern Language placement exam and intend to take a language course, please contact your academic advisor.

Once you have accessed your exam in Blackboard Learn, it is important to periodically save and submit your answers. You have the option of saving your answers on the page prior to the test submission.

After all questions have been answered and saved, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the "submit" button in the lower right-hand corner. Selecting the "submit" button will ensure that all answers will be saved and uploaded to faculty for review.

If you see a non-validated/unsupported message, Drexel University Information Technology recommends that you review the Blackboard Learn browser support policy. In general, it is suggested that you use the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome. Also, if you do not have Java, please download it now from

If images, graphics, or equations do not display properly in Blackboard Learn, please close the exam window and select the exam icon again. This will re-open your placement exam. If for some reason this does not resolve the issue, please exit Blackboard Learn entirely and re-open the testing platform by logging back in to

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