Placement Exams

To ensure that new students are placed into courses for which they are well prepared, Drexel's faculty has developed a set of required placement examinations. These examinations reflect the proficiency that is expected of students to be successful in the various college-level mathematics, chemistry, physics, information science, and modern language courses at Drexel University. 

For the 2024 academic year, fall term entry, placement exams will be available beginning Wednesday, May 1. All placement examinations must be completed by Wednesday, June 26.

  • How to Complete Your Placement Exams – View deadline information, required exams for your program, modern language information, and instructions on completing your exam(s).
  • Frequently Asked Questions – We recommend you review these before starting your placement exams.
  • Placement Exam Outcomes – View a breakdown by exam and learn more about what courses students are placed in.
  • International Student Placement – International students will be assessed on their proficiency in writing and speaking in English for proper course placement.
  • AP, IB, and CLEP Credit Policies – While AP (and equivalent) scores will be taken into consideration for course placement, they are not a substitute for the placement exams.
  • Students with Disabilities – To request an accommodation on the placement exams (such as extended time) due to a disability, students must first register with the Disability Resources prior to taking their exams.

Note for Transfer Students

Transfer students will be contacted by their college or school regarding any placement examination requirements. Transfer students may also reach out to their advisors directly should they have any course-related questions.

Note for Winter Entry Students

Winter Entry students will be placed directly into specified courses for winter term as noted in the Complete Exams section on the DrexelOne Academics tab. Any mention of a summer preparatory review in that section is not applicable.

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