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HTML Cleanup

Sitecore has several built-in features to help you paste "clean" HTML onto your site, and to help you strip unnecessary styling and HTML tags. Extra styling and tags can cause errors in the page layout, and can lead to inconsistent Drexel branding.

Pasting Tools

Paste or Ctrl+V

Pastes content and formatting in spans.

Paste from Word

Paste from Word, strip font

Paste plain text

Paste as HTML

Format Stripping Tools

Strip all formatting

Strip CSS formatting

Strip font elements

Strip span elements

Strip Word formatting

Manually Editing HTML

When importing from Microsoft word it is important to make sure you clear out all excess styling and content in the Tags. This is important since extra styling will sometimes cause errors in the layout as well as branding differences across

Below is an example of HTML code from a Microsoft Word document imported with the "Paste from Word" feature in Sitecore.

Example Code

bad styling

Notice the extra P tags, extra styling, and   all around the text. To fix this first remove all extra P tags that are blank or have no text in them.

rid of paragraph tags 

bad styling 2

Once the empty P tags are out of the code delete the extra styling in the leftover P tags. For example:

<p style="font-size:16px; font-weight:bold;">

Would become


paragraph tag styling 

This will rid of extra styling that conflicts with the rest of Our final code would look like this after getting rid of the extra styles.

Rid of styling

fixed code

Paste from Word

  • Copy from Word
  • Click the “Paste from Word”
  • Icon Strips Out Unnecessary Word Styling
  • Do NOT paste directly from word into Sitecore

Cleaning up Content

Format Stripper

Use the Format Stripper to remove any unnecessary styling.

Format Stripper

Examples of Correct HTML Code vs Incorrect HTML Code

Correct HTML Code

This is HTML that does not contain any unncessary styling.

Clean Code Example

Incorrect HTML Code

This is an example of HTML that contain unncessary styling such as span tags and extra spacing tags.

Junk Code Example

For a more detailed explanation of cleaning up your HTML code visit our Cleaning up HTML page.