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Uploading Images and Files to the Media Library

Before images or files can be displayed on Sitecore, you must upload them to the Media Library, save, and approve for publication.

Uploading Images

  1. Navigate to the Media Library. See Intro to the Media Library for more information.
  2. Click the + next to Images to expand the list.

    click on plus next to images

  3. Scroll down to the folder for the site you are working on. Note that the Media Library's folder structure matches the Content Editor's content tree.

    media equals content

  4. Click the subfolder you would like to upload the image(s) to. Alternatively, create a new subfolder.

  5. Click Upload Files (Advanced).

    upload files advanced click

  6. Click Browse, navigate to the image to upload, and click Open.

  7. Repeat steps 9 - 12 for other images you would like to upload.

  8. Click Upload.

    upload final advanced button

  9. You will see the image(s) appear below with "1 warning" error text. This does not mean there was an error when uploading the image. Rather, Sitecore is reminding you that you must add Image Alt Text. Use the link below for guidance.

    Writing Image Alt Text in accordance with federal Section 508 Accessibility compliance

  10. Click the image to open its information page. Clicking on Red error Upload Window

  11. Click Lock and Edit to unlock the image. Lock and Edit Picture

  12. Add the Image Alt Text in the blank Alt: field.

  13. In the Sitecore ribbon, click Save.

  14. Click Review, then click Approve for Publication.    approve for publication

  15. You can now close the window for the image by clicking on the red close button at the top of the window.
  16. Repeat steps 12-16 for each image you've uploaded.

Inserting Images into Content Editor

Go to Inserting Images for instructions on inserting images from the Media Library into a page in the Content Editor.

Uploading Files

Just like images, files (PDFs, DOCs, PPTs) need to be uploaded to the Media Library and approved for publication before they can be linked to a Sitecore page in the Content Editor.

  1. Navigate to the Media Library. See Intro to the Media Library for more information.
  2. Click Files then find your site in the Content Tree.
  3. Click the folder you want to upload the file to.
  4. Click Upload Files (Advanced).
  5. Upload Files (Advanced)

  6. Browse to select the file that you want to upload and click Upload.
  7. Media Library: Uploaded Files (Advanced)

  8. Click Close. Save the image the approve for publication under the Review tab.

Adding Links to Files

Go to Adding Links to Internal Files for instructions how to link to a file that you uploaded to the Media Library.