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Publishing & Previewing

Sitecore provides multiple publishing and previewing options to address various needs for site editors.

Saving Page Edits

After editing anything on a page, click Save in the toolbar. This will create and save a new version of the page; it will not publish the page to the live site. Instead, the page will be placed in Draft State.

View Edits Without Publishing

All Sitecore users can view saved pages, regardless of whether a page has been published.

  1. Click the Display button under the Review tab.

Displaying will open the page in a new browser window using a long automatically generated URL (not the actual URL of the page). This generated URL may be shared with others to view the saved, unpublished version of that page. Users do not need to be Sitecore users to open the URL and to view the page preview.

Note the version number at the end of the URL: "itemversion=___". By editing this number, you can compare and share multiple versions of the same page concurrently.

Publish Edits

After making edits and saving, site Managers can publish changes for live viewing.

  1. Click the Approve for Publication button under the Review tab.

Users with Contributor and Contributor Plus accounts cannot publish changes and should contact a site Manager after approving an item for publication.

Recursively Publish

Recursively Publish simply means to go back and publish a parent folder and all it's child items underneath. This is necessary sometimes for Sitecore to recognize new items in a folder. When an item is not displaying correctly even after you have entered all the information correctly, recursively publishing the parent folder may fix the issue.

  1. Click on the parent folder
  2. Click on the Publish tab in the top ribbon > Click the arrow next to Publish

    Recursively Publish Ribbon

  3. Select Publish Item > Publish Item Wizard Opens

    Recursively Publish Wizard
  4. Select Republish - Publish Everything > Make sure Publish Subitems is checked.

    Recursively Publish Window
  5. Click Finish

Unpublishing a Page

Note: any links to a page will break after it has been unpublished.

  1. Go to the item you want to unpublish in Sitecore.
  2. Click on the "Publish" tab. 
  3. Click on the Change Restrictions icon.   A dialog will appear.
  4. Click on the "Item" Tab and uncheck the "Publishable" checkbox.

To re-publish an item that has been unpublished, you will need to recheck the Publishable box and then publish the item normally.

Did you know? Unpublishing a page completely restricts users from accessing it. Hiding a page using the Visibility Options removes it from the site's navigation but the page is still accessible.