Pilots and Long-Term Planning

Through a series of internal and external funding opportunities, the AEO Steering Committee launched a pilot process to begin to convene our community and generate initial activity in the first five AEOs in the list above. A mix of activities will be spurred through the pilot process, including the development of new experiential courses, research partnerships and community-based projects. Funding to support these projects will be provided by the Office of Research & Innovation, The Environmental Collaboratory, the Drexel Solutions Institute and the Innovation Engine, with many activities aimed at pursuing further funding from external sources including federal and state government, foundations and industry partners. Opportunities will be announced as they become available.

Long-Term Planning

While the pilot process is intended to stimulate activity in the near-term, convening our community around select AEOs and providing opportunities for learning and growth, a parallel planning process will also take place guided by each of the AEO Expert Teams. These groups will lead vision and goal setting, inventory current activities and assets (e.g. facilities, labs, research teams, etc.), and recommend short- and long-term steps to build impact and reputation in the AEOs.

AEO Pilots

The following five areas are acting as pilots for the AEO initiative. In the case of two AEOs, a more specific area of initial focus has been identified for the pilot process only, due to the breadth of the area.

  • Health Innovation (Pilot Focus: Cell & Gene Therapy)
  • Computing, AI and Cyber Security Frontiers
  • Sustainability and Climate Resilience
  • Urban Futures (Pilot Focus: Violence)
  • Advanced Materials and Manufacturing