Senior Privilege

No.: PROV-X-081618
Effective Date: September 10, 2018
Supersedes: 3/26/2015
Reaffirmed Date: N/A
Correlates to Procedure No.: N/A
Issuing Authority: Provost
Issuing Office: Office of the Provost

CLASSIFICATION: Student Assessment (Examinations/Grades)


Senior Privilege does not exempt students from attending class and/or taking final examinations. Senior Privilege affords seniors a one-time opportunity to take an additional final examination to make up a failing grade in a course required for graduation. The following criteria apply:

  1. Senior Privilege may be invoked only once during an undergraduate career.
  2. The failing grade must have been incurred during the period in which a student is classified as a senior, and the failing grade must not have been assigned as the result of any academic dishonesty or code of conduct issues.
  3. The make-up exam used for Senior Privilege must be taken during the final exam week in the student's final term.
  4. The grade for the exam must be reported to the Office of the University Registrar by the last day of the exam period in the student's final term.
  5. The student's permanent record will record the fact that the student took the course two different times; the grade earned in each will appear on the record and both grades will be included in the GPA calculation.


All Undergraduate Students classified as seniors


  • Students are required to adhere to class attendance requirements for all other courses as specified by university policy.
  • Senior Privilege does not exempt students from attending class and/or taking final exams in courses for which they are enrolled during the last term of their senior year.


If the student meets the requirements indicated above, the following procedure should be followed:

  1. The student obtains a Senior Privilege application form from their academic advisor and fills in the required information.
  2. The student has their appropriate academic advisor verify their eligibility and signs on the approval line; which then must be signed by the Office of the University Registrar.
  3. The student takes the completed form to Drexel Central where they will pay the required special examination fee of $100; the Comptroller's office must stamp the form to verify payment.
  4. The student schedules an appointment with the instructor to establish the time for the exam;
  5. After the exam is administered, the student will submit the Senior Privilege form to the instructor so that the instructor may record the grade received and sign the form to indicate that the student completed the exam. The instructor shall make certain that the academic unit's seal, or the Dean or Director's signature, appears on the form.
  6. By the final day of exam week, the instructor must submit the form to Office of the University Registrar so that the grade can be recorded.



  • Senior Privilege Form