Research Proposal and Award Policy

Policy Statement

Since only Drexel University is authorized to submit proposals and accept awards and contracts from sponsors on behalf of university faculty, all submissions for funding support for research, training, instruction, service and other activities are made under the auspices of Drexel University. Proposals, at any stage of development (e.g., pre-proposals), must be submitted to the Office of Research and Graduate Studies at least five days prior to the submission deadline. All grants and contracts accepted by Drexel University are the commitment and responsibility of Drexel University. All formal agreements must be approved and executed by the Vice Provost for Research and Dean of Graduate Policy who is officially designated by the university to approve and execute these agreements.

A contract is invalid if executed by an unauthorized individual. If a funded proposal has not been processed through the Office of Research and Graduate Studies, there is a risk that Drexel University will not accept the award or may have to renegotiate terms.

Procedures for all submission and approval processes are posted on the Office of Research and Graduate Studies website: