Granting of Degrees

Policy Statement

Undergraduate and graduate students can complete the requirements for their degree(s) at the end of each respective quarter throughout an academic year, and that the date of completion of all requirements should be recognized by the degree conferral deadlines for each quarter.

The Board of Trustees, at their meeting on September 17, 1986, empowered the president to grant degrees at the end of each quarter. The diploma will bear the last date of the quarter for the respective term in which the student graduates.
Degree conferral is done upon the recommendation of the academic deans, with the approval of the faculty and certification by the University Registrar.

A list of prospective degree candidates for each term is generated based on the application for degree submitted by students through DrexelOne, who expect to complete their degree requirements in a given term. This list is used by the colleges to clear students for graduation which is done at the end of each term's grading cycle. The timeliness of this process is imperative to avoid unnecessary billing and academic record issues. In addition all academic transactions related to the degree conferral must reflect dates prior to the actual degree conferral date for the respective term in which the student is awarded the degree.