Final Examinations for Graduating Seniors in the Spring Quarter

No.: PROV-X-081618
Effective Date: 9/10/2018
Supersedes: 3/26/2018
Reaffirmed Date: N/A
Correlates to Procedure No.: N/A
Issuing Authority: Provost
Issuing Office: Office of the Provost

CLASSIFICATION: Student Assessment (Examinations/Grades)


It is the prerogative of the instructor to decide whether a final examination will be given to graduating seniors. The instructor can choose to exempt senior undergraduate students from taking a final examination, if the students meet the following criteria:

  1. Are in their last quarter of academic work
  2. Have applied for a degree to be conferred at the end of the Spring quarter
  3. Will have a passing grade at the end of last day of classes for the term

Waiver of the final examination does not apply to students who are walking for graduation in Spring term or graduating in another term. If a final exam conflicts with a walking student’s commencement ceremony, the instructor should work with the student to make up the exam during a mutually agreed upon date and time.

If the instructor decides that a final mode of evaluation will be given, the following will be in effect:

  1. Senior students in 100 and 200 level courses should take exams as scheduled during finals week provided these exams are not overlapping with the commencement ceremony days/times established for the students' college. If such an exam overlaps with a commencement ceremony, then the instructor should work with the student to make up the exam during a mutually agreed upon date and time or consider an alternative means of assessing the senior's grade.
  2. For other courses, any exam will have to be given in the final week of classes and not during the final exam period. Such an exam would have to fit within a regular class period in week 10 and would apply only to the students who are graduating in the Spring Quarter. If applicable, all other students should have the exam during the final exam period.

It should be noted that instructors who require alternative modes of evaluation, such as a term paper or project, are not required to exempt a graduating student from such evaluations. Such modes of evaluation should be submitted in accordance with the schedule already established for the course.

There is no early grade submission for graduating seniors, and grades should be submitted in accordance with the grade submission deadline.


Undergraduate Students who are scheduled to graduate in the Spring Quarter.