Tom Kha Soup Study Shows Mismatched Cuisine Could Make Your Meal More Enjoyable
Ordering an Italian main course? According to a Drexel University food science researcher, if you want to be certain you’ll enjoy your meal, you should probably get the spring rolls to start.
Wine on shelves at a grocery store. After Privatization, Link Found Between New Liquor Establishments, Violence
A team led by a Drexel University professor found that areas of Seattle where new establishments with alcohol were added following Washington state’s privatization efforts saw a significant increase in violent assaults.
Fibroblasts Sleeping Cells’ Survival Instincts: A Double-Edged Sword?
For researchers who study aging, a central riddle remains: If the human body has evolved to protect itself, why are cells unable to cope with the challenges associated with getting old?
Tor Just Give Me Some Privacy — Anonymous Wikipedia Editors and Tor Users Explain Why They Don't Want You to Know Who They Are
Not everyone who strives to navigate the internet without being tracked is up to no good. This is the underlying premise of a qualitative study led by a trio of Drexel University researchers, who set out to gather the stories of people working on collaborative projects online — like editing Wikipedia — and are concerned about their privacy and taking steps to protect it.
Discovery Day 2016 Record Growth at College of Medicine’s Discovery Day 2016
More than 400 Drexel University College of Medicine students and scientists will showcase original research at Discovery Day 2016 on Thursday, Oct. 20 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.
Fossils discovered from the B. rex around a drawing of what the fish's head looked like. A New ‘King’ — New, Gigantic, Ancient Armored Fish Discovered
In the Arctic, a team that included scientists from the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University found fossils of a giant new species of extinct armored fish that they named Bothriolepis rex — the new king of Bothriolepis.