Teaching and Learning Center

Faculty Flowchart for Student Disengagement and Mental Health

This resource shares action items and suggested language for referring students to support services.

Johanna Inman, EdD

Director, Teaching and Learning Center
Teaching and Learning Center

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) inspires and promotes excellence in teaching throughout Drexel University’s diverse learning environments. 

The TLC serves a number of critical functions within the institution, including:

  • Ensuring positive student learning outcomes through evidence-based teaching.
  • Supporting specialized needs of new and part-time faculty hires.
  • Implementing teaching practices that accrediting bodies require.
  • Increasing the profile of teaching at Drexel through research and scholarship.
  • Improving interdisciplinary communication and collaboration across campus.
  • Assisting instructors in designing holistic learning experiences that integrate experiential learning, community and industry partnerships and academics.


Among the goals of the Teaching and Learning Center are to:

  • Foster a community of leaders, administrators, and instructors who value the practice and scholarship of teaching and learning.
  • Increase participation among all instructors at Drexel University in educational development that is grounded in the art and science of teaching.
  • Advance and support the implementation of evidence-based, innovative, and experiential pedagogies at Drexel University.

Join us!

There are a number of ways for faculty to get involved in the Teaching and Learning Center. Every quarter, the TLC hosts a number of workshops open to all, including book groups and special events. The TLC also runs more intensive, cohort-based programs, including the Drexel Teaching Academy and the Drexel Institute for Inclusive and Equitable Teaching.

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