Lenfest Center for Cultural Partnerships

Rosalind Remer, PhD

Senior Vice Provost for University Collections and Exhibitions; Executive Director, Lenfest Center for Cultural Partnerships
University Collections & Exhibitions; Lenfest Center for Cultural Partnerships

The Lenfest Center, launched in 2015, advances Drexel’s academic mission and civic engagement commitment while contributing to the success of cultural nonprofit partners.  

Through strategic partnerships, the Center facilitates experiential learning for Drexel students -- through co-ops and internships, research projects, special classes, and other opportunities -- while promoting sustainable practices for nonprofits in the arts and culture sector.  

We also leverage Drexel’s collective expertise across disciplines through research and planning projects (faculty research projects and other special projects) that help partner organizations solve important problems.

Since its launch, the Center has worked with a diverse range of dozens of organizations, primarily in the Philadelphia area, focusing on programming and strategic planning to attract diverse and next-generation visitors and audiences.

Quote-gradient Since my co-op, I gained a deep appreciation for the nonprofit community here in Philadelphia and completely rearranged my career goals because of it
Drexel Co-op, Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Our Work

The Lenfest Center facilitates experiential learning for students through co-ops with nonprofit organizations in the arts and culture sector.
Class at Mutter
The Lenfest Center sponsors special applied courses at Drexel based on partnerships with cultural nonprofits, which address the organization’s specific needs.
The Lenfest Center seeks to identify and apply for grant funding opportunities that enable faculty to participate in research projects in collaboration with cultural nonprofit partners. 
National Museum of Industrial History
The Lenfest Center provides consulting services to cultural nonprofits, including strategic planning; interpretive planning and exhibit development; and other museum/collections-related services. 

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