How Does it Work?: Drexel Libraries for Faculty and Professional Staff

Leadership from Drexel University Libraries explained how faculty and professional staff can take advantage of all that DUL has to offer.
"How Does it Work? Drexel University Libraries" and a picture in a hexagon of a stack of bookcases.

This interview is part of a recurring feature — “How Does It Work?” — spotlighting operational or administrative departments, teams or processes you might not know about, but who keep the Drexel cogs moving each and every day!

You may already be aware of the services and resources Drexel University Libraries (DUL) offers students, but did you know there are a myriad of ways faculty and professional staff can also benefit from the Libraries? Faculty and professional staff can borrow course materials from DUL — and from neighboring libraries if the content they’re looking for is not available in the Libraries’ collection. Resources are also available to those who have retired or achieved Emeritus status, including book borrowing and computer access.

Read on as Executive Director Ann Yurcaba and Director of Services and Quality Improvement John Wiggins share some highlights of what DUL has to offer to help faculty and staff members foster an effective learning environment.

Q: Explain the purpose of the Drexel Libraries. What kind of resources and services do you provide faculty and professional staff?

A: The Libraries provide resources and services to support faculty and professional staff with their teaching, research and learning, including teaching and course support services, course reserve services, and of course physical and online books, journals, databases, guides and tutorials. 

Q: How can faculty/professional staff take advantage of DUL resources and services?

A: Visit us in person at the W. W. Hagerty Library, located on the University City Campus at 33rd and Market streets! Faculty and professional staff can schedule virtual or in-person consultations with librarians or live chat online with our expert staff to get help with research and curricula support. Library resources and services are also accessible online via the Libraries’ website.

Q: How does DUL support faculty/professional staff research?

A: The Libraries provide access to valuable tools and resources to support researchers of all levels, from first-year students to faculty. Librarians provide expert research advice through one-on-one consultations, workshops, self-guided tutorials, and subject-related guides. We also offer research data management support through consultations with our librarians and through the Drexel Research Discovery portal.

Q: What kind of learning environments does DUL facilitate for faculty/professional staff?

A: Faculty and professional staff are welcomed and encouraged to visit and work in all our locations! We also have two classrooms in the W. W. Hagerty Library that faculty and professional staff can reserve for classes, projects and other meeting spaces. We even offer a special, flexible space useful for hybrid meetings and for interdisciplinary faculty/staff groups to reserve: our “Research Connections” space in Hagerty Room 210.

Q: Can you share your favorite service or resource for faculty/staff provided by DUL?

A: For faculty who are teaching and any professional staff who are supporting that work, I strongly recommend our Course Reserves service! This makes additional reading materials for students readily available via course shells and offers them free access.

Q: What’s one thing you want the faculty/professional staff community to know about DUL?

A: Faculty and professional staff are welcomed and encouraged to visit and use the Libraries’ resources, services and spaces. The Libraries’ dedicated staff are always ready to work with you! 

To learn more about the resources and services provided by DUL, you can email, visit the service desk at the W. W. Hagerty Library or head to the Drexel University Libraries website for more information.