​This message was sent on September 6, 2022.  

Dear Colleagues,

We are so grateful and impressed by the energy, integrity and commitment that you consistently bring to your work and relationships at Drexel. These qualities allow the University to grow and adapt to ever-changing circumstances and thrive amid a variety of challenges. Your investment in Drexel’s success and innovative spirit are a source of enormous pride for the University.

Each year, Drexel Human Resources (HR) provides enterprise learning modules to foster your professional development and growth, ensure the University’s compliance with legal and regulatory obligations, and strengthen the University’s commitment to ethics and integrity in everything we do. This message provides an overview of this year’s required online courses and  annual Conflict of Interest and Commitment Disclosure process for faculty and professional staff, as well as the performance development process for professional staff.

Enterprise Learning for Faculty and Professional Staff

The goal of enterprise learning is to offer skills, knowledge and connections that are meaningful and essential to the Drexel community. The required courses that must be completed this year are:

  • ”Drexel University Information Security Compliance” online course: As part of the Drexel community, we have an obligation to protect our people, information and systems from cybercriminals. This information security awareness training will provide you with vital tools and awareness to help prevent cyberattacks.
  • “Understanding Title IX at Drexel” online course: This course is a review of Drexel's policies and procedures on issues of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct; an explanation of mandatory reporting and other key concepts and terms within the policies and federal Title IX law; and a primer on best practices related to these issues.
  • “Workplace Privacy and Confidentiality” online course (launching Sept. 8): This course reflects Drexel’s commitment to protecting the personal data of Drexel community members, providing a practical overview of data privacy protection principles and best practices for the collection, use and disclosure of personal information on behalf of the University, including the confidentiality and privacy requirements of various applicable federal laws.

You can read more about these courses on the HR website. The required courses for all faculty and professional staff will be available for completion in your transcript in Career Pathway and must be completed no later than November 1, 2022.

Annual Conflict of Interest and Commitment Disclosure for Faculty and Professional Staff

The Drexel University Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy requires all employees to disclose any actual or possible conflicts of interest or commitment they may have or that may affect how they perform their duties for the University. Employees are also required to certify that they have read the University-wide Code of Conduct as part of this process and recognize their obligations to act accordingly. This requirement was established by the Drexel Board of Trustees, whose members are also required to complete similar certifications.

To access the Annual Conflict of Interest and Commitment report, log in to DrexelOne, navigate to the Employee tab and select Conflict of Interest Disclosure under the Compliance and Privacy Programs channel.

All faculty and professional staff must complete the Annual Conflict of Interest and Commitment Disclosure by November 1, 2022.

Performance Development for Professional Staff

Over the next two years, Drexel Human Resources will continue to make improvements to the performance development process for professional staff based on the evaluation and recommendations provided by a volunteer project team that was convened earlier this year. Changes for this year include:

  • Professional staff members will have more time to complete the process, which will begin earlier – on September 8 – and be due to their managers on October 6.
  • The process will combine a review of performance for 2021-2022 with planning for development and growth in 2022-2023.
  • Professional staff members will provide descriptions of achievements during the 2021-2022 performance cycle, and managers will respond and provide their own thoughts.
  • Professional staff members will identify one area for professional development during the 2022-2023 performance cycle, and staff members and managers will collaborate on planning.
  • Managers will assign an overall rating, and HR will provide resources that connect the dots between overall ratings and merit (HR will provide more information on these changes in the coming weeks).

To guide and support professional staff members and managers through the performance development process, Drexel Human Resources has provided information and resources, including a process timeline, tools, tips, examples and FAQs, on the Performance Development website.

The annual performance development process begins on September 8 and concludes on November 18, 2022. Professional staff and their managers will receive an e-mail notification that the performance development process has begun and should follow the instructions in the e-mail to get started.

Faculty Annual Reviews for Faculty

Faculty should refer to the June 28 communication from Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement Erin McNamara Horvat for more information on electronic Faculty Annual Reviews. Information can also be found on the Office of Faculty Advancement website.

For questions regarding the performance development process or accessing required programs, please email hr@drexel.edu.

Thank you for investing your time and energy in these important activities. Your continued service to the University is deeply appreciated.


Helen Y. Bowman
Executive Vice President, Treasurer and Chief Operating Officer

Paul E. Jensen
Executive Vice President
Nina Henderson Provost