Dear Students and Colleagues,

Drexel University is dedicated to an environment that respects and allows the free practice of the many faith traditions of our University community. As we begin a new term, this is a reminder that Drexel is committed to making every reasonable effort to accommodate the religious observances of our students, faculty and professional staff.

The Drexel community is encouraged to request religious accommodations as early as possible, which may include academic, campus housing and employment accommodations. The Office of Equality and Diversity is available to assist in the process of requesting and providing religious accommodations; there are also useful tips on the OED website. The full policy on religious observances and the religious observances calendar can be viewed on the Provost's Office website. For students looking for spiritual and religious institutional support, the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life maintains several currently open ministry locations and faith-based spaces, and chaplains are available via email and phone.


Paul E. Jensen
Executive Vice President
Nina Henderson Provost

Subir Sahu
Senior Vice President for Student Success