Rogelio Minana, PhD

Vice Provost for Global Engagement
Drexel Global

As Vice Provost, Rogelio Miñana, PhD, works with faculty, staff and students on the integration of global opportunities into Drexel's curricular and scholarly practices. His ultimate goal is to situate global engagement, together with the Drexel Co-op program and civic engagement, as an indispensable pillar of Drexel's scholarly and academic reputation here and abroad.


Miñana is a teacher and scholar dedicated to the practice and promotion of global engagement, from language learning to global studies, education away, transnational research and community engagement. His research and teaching center on cultural nonprofits that use theater, digital storytelling and literature in their work with underserved communities, particularly around Miguel de Cervantes' Spanish classic “Don Quixote.”

He has published two books on early modern prose: “La verosimilitud en el Siglo de Oro: Cervantes y la novela corta” (Juan de la Cuesta, 2002) and “Monstruos que hablan: El discurso de la monstruosidad en Cervantes” (University of North Carolina Press, 2008). His latest book project, “Living Quixote: Performative Activism in Brazil and the Americas” (Vanderbilt University Press, 2020), examines appropriations of “Don Quixote” in public discourse in contemporary Spain and the Americas, particularly in Brazil.

Miñana received an MA in Spanish Literature from the University of Ottawa, Canada, and a PhD in Spanish Literature from Penn State.

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