Drexel Continues to Reopen Safely

The following message about local COVID-19 restrictions easing, amid new CDC guidelines for vaccinated people, and how that affects Drexel was sent to the University community.


 Local COVID-19 restrictions easing, amid new CDC guidelines for vaccinated people.

  • Full and part-time face-to-face students required to be fully vaccinated at the start of their academic year.
  • Upload vaccine status through the Health Checker App; new web-based version of the Drexel Health Checker also available.
  • Mandatory testing ends on May 30 for fully vaccinated students.
  • Indoor masking continues in all Drexel buildings.
  • Campus guidelines pertaining to occupancy of certain spaces and many activities being revised.

Dear Students and Colleagues,

We are currently experiencing the lowest number of infections among campus community members since we began testing last year. This is largely attributable to increasing vaccination rates across all populations which, in turn, supports a safer, healthier university community and the ability to open fully in the fall. We want to thank our students, faculty and professional staff for staying the course with masking, distancing, handwashing and vaccination.    

If you haven’t been vaccinated against COVID-19, now is the time. The CDC has released new guidance for vaccinated people, and local regulations are being lifted or relaxed for activities like dining and hosting gatherings with most of Philadelphia able to reopen by mid-June. Vaccination builds a wall of immunity protecting individuals and our entire community: It allows us to be together. At Drexel, as more members of our campus community are vaccinated and infection remains low, many restrictions will also be lifted.

Protocol Changes at Drexel

COVID Testing

Mandatory testing will end for all fully vaccinated students on May 30. In order to end participation in mandatory testing, students must upload proof of vaccination through the Drexel Health Checker App. A new web-based version of the Drexel Health Checker is also available for your convenience. COVID testing will remain available to all students and employees, and you can continue to schedule a test appointment through the Health Checker. Effective today, in addition to being available through the Health Checker App, results of COVID testing performed at any of our campus locations will be securely emailed to Drexel students and employees to allow for the convenience of printing out your result when needed for travel or other activities.

Face Masks

During this time of ongoing vaccination, face masks will still be required in all Drexel buildings. Fully vaccinated individuals have the option of no longer wearing face masks outdoors, but we urge caution in any crowded, outdoor event.

Occupancy and Distance

Drexel plans to reopen all face-to-face academic programs at full occupancy in the fall.

Spring and summer revisions to occupancy in Drexel research, office, instructional and recreational spaces will be announced soon. We appreciate your patience as guidelines are reviewed alongside the latest public health science.  

More Freedom, More Safety, More Connection

The safety and effectiveness of vaccination against COVID-19 continues to be celebrated across the country and in our campus community. While we are still grappling with the greatest pandemic in our lifetime, vaccination and continued safety measures clearly hold the key to being able to get back to a healthy, more familiar life for us all.

If you are not vaccinated, or if you need to receive your second in a two-shot vaccine, please sign up to do so as soon as possible. Drexel community members can get vaccinated on campus at Behrakis Grand Hall, 3208 Chestnut Street. Schedule an appointment for a convenient clinic by clicking on this link.  You can easily find a vaccine appointment within Philadelphia here including second shots, and you can now make your plans for COVID-19 vaccination anywhere in the United States using this new site. And please remember to upload your vaccine status through the Drexel Health Checker App or on the web-based version of Health Checker.

Take this step to protect yourself and your community, prepare for our return to campus in the fall, and help reopen our world by getting vaccinated. Go to our COVID-19 Vaccination page for more information about vaccines and where to get them.

Finally, the past 14 months have taught us much about ourselves and each other. We live in a global, interconnected community. Vast restrictions in activity coupled with fear of illness and death led to isolation and a loss of connection for so many of us. A pandemic caused by a highly contagious, airborne virus impacts all of us and all of us must emerge from it together. At Drexel, our focus is on science, trust, equity, health and wellness as we continue to take care of one another and prepare for the future together.


John Fry

Marla J. Gold, MD
Director, Return Oversight Committee