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COVID-19 Vaccination

Widespread vaccination builds widespread immunity. Drexel University strongly encourages all eligible community members to get vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as possible when it is their turn. The COVID-19 vaccines currently available to the public show remarkable effectiveness. For more information about the vaccines, visit the CDC’s website: CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Page.

Though some groups have started to receive COVID-19 vaccinations, it will take time for vaccines to be widely available. For those who have already been vaccinated, it is critical to continue to wear a mask, maintain at least six feet of physical distance, wash your hands frequently, and monitor your health through the Drexel Health Checker app.

Why pursue vaccination?

Vaccination has been shown to significantly decrease your risk of COVID-19. It markedly reduces the chance of severe disease and holds the promise of our ability to move beyond the pandemic. COVID-19 vaccination for students, faculty and professional staff will contribute to society-wide immunity to this virus. It will keep our community safe and help us resume a full in-person living, learning and working experience. The CDC’s new guidelines for vaccinated persons also illustrate the individual benefits: for example, vaccinated persons deemed exposed to COVID-19 need not quarantine according to CDC guidelines. In addition to helping us stay safe and healthy, these guidelines give us a glimpse of the life that is possible with widespread vaccination.

Vaccine Eligibility

In Philadelphia, the guidelines for who is eligible for vaccine are under the direction of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health and may differ from distribution guidelines elsewhere in Pennsylvania and other states. See the Department of Public Health website to find out who is eligible right now.

We anticipate all our employees and students will be eligible for vaccination before the summer. Individuals in Phase 1a, 1b and some persons in 1c are currently eligible for vaccination in Philadelphia. The City is entering Phase 1c gradually, and employees in higher education including Drexel employees will be eligible for vaccination under Phase 1c starting April 12th. Most students will be eligible for vaccine under Phase 2.

Residents of Philadelphia should register with the City to be notified when they become eligible for vaccination: COVID-19 Vaccine Interest form. Philadelphia residents can also email with questions about vaccination.

If you do not reside in Philadelphia, and you are already eligible based on your city or state’s guidelines, we strongly recommend you get vaccinated. See FAQs below for more information.

Getting a Vaccine from Drexel

To provide our community with the safety and opportunity afforded by vaccination, Drexel will be making vaccine available to eligible populations, prioritized based on Philadelphia’s phased distribution and vaccine availability. Two types of vaccination clinics will be held on campus in Behrakis Hall in order to maximize vaccination opportunities for our University community.

At pharmacy operated clinics, vaccines are administered on campus in a designated clinical space by the staff of a local pharmacy. Eligible community members are invited by email to schedule their vaccination appointment through a secure link provided by the pharmacy. Individuals attending pharmacy-run clinics should bring their insurance cards and Drexel identification cards. The pharmacy may charge your insurance an administration fee, but there is no cost to you, and no uninsured person will be turned away.

Drexel-run vaccination clinics will be operated entirely by Drexel staff once we are approved by the City to serve as a vaccination distribution site. Eligible individuals will sign up for these clinics through a secure, confidential link and be asked to bring a form of identification. Always bring your Drexel ID card to access the clinic.

More information concerning vaccine clinics will soon be available on this website.

COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs

Is the vaccine mandatory for Drexel students, faculty, and professional staff?

Getting the vaccine is not currently mandatory—however, it is strongly encouraged.

Where can I receive the vaccine, if I don’t get it from Drexel?

There are several places you can look for a vaccination provider. Some area public health agencies are currently distributing or planning to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine is being made available to specific groups of people in order to ensure that both the entire population has access to the vaccine and the healthcare system is able to function properly.

Here are some local vaccination distribution information and interest forms:

If I am fully vaccinated, do I still need to get tested and follow public health procedures?

Yes. You must still wear a mask in public, participate in any mandated testing, stay 6 feet from others in public spaces, and follow all other health and safety precautions outlined in the Dragon Pledge. Reasons for doing so include:

  • While the vaccine protects you from developing COVID-19, it is currently unclear whether it prevents you from transmitting the virus to others.
  • If you were vaccinated recently, it will take some time before you are completely protected.

However, if you are vaccinated, the CDC suggests it is relatively safe for you to gather in private with other vaccinated people. For more details, see the CDC’s recently published guidelines for vaccinated persons.

If I already have had COVID-19 and recovered, do I still need to get vaccinated?

Yes. Due to the severe health risks associated with COVID-19 and the fact that reinfection with COVID-19 is possible, you should get vaccinated regardless of whether you already had the COVID-19 infection.

How safe and effective are the vaccines?

All the available COVID-19 vaccines are effective at preventing COVID-19 and were tested extensively for safety before they were made available to the public by the FDA through Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) during the pandemic. Learn more at the CDC’s website:

How does the COVID-19 vaccine work?

All the COVID-19 vaccines harness your immune system to recognize and fight off COVID-19. The vaccines work in slightly different ways—see the CDC’s website for more information: How COVID-19 Vaccines Work.

Can I choose which vaccine I get?

You should get any COVID-19 vaccine that is available when you are eligible. Do not wait for a specific brand. All currently authorized and recommended COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, and CDC does not recommend one vaccine over another.