M. Brian Blake Q&A with Executive Vice President and Provost M. Brian Blake
With a résumé packed with impressive credentials in teaching, research and administration, plus a personal history steeped in experiential learning, new Drexel Executive Vice President and Provost M. Brian Blake is equipped to put Drexel’s academics and research on an ambitious path while enhancing the University’s stature as a co-op leader in higher education.
The Central African Biodiversity Alliance 2015 Undergraduate Field Course Plant Research Group at Mbam & Djerem National Park, Cameroon. Pictured from left to right: Katie DiAngelus (Drexel), Katherine Achy (UCLA), Dr. Maximilliano Fero (National University of Equatorial Guinea), Francisco Mitogo (National University of Equatorial Guinea), Andrienne Bih (Univeristy of Buea, Cameroon) and Alexandra Ley (University of Halle-Wittenberg, Germany). Photo credit: David Montgomery. African Biodiversity Researchers to Speak at Drexel Before National Symposium
A group of biodiversity researchers from Drexel-managed programs in Central Africa will speak at the University to discuss the challenges of their work and preparing for the future before they attend the Association for the Advancement of Science symposium.
Graph, Depression in College Athletes Depressive Symptoms Prevalent Among Division I College Athletes
Nearly a quarter of Division I college athletes reported depressive symptoms, and women were twice as likely, says a new study from the College of Medicine.
Pregnant woman holding stomach while on bed. Study: Anti-Asthma Drugs Taken During Pregnancy Associated With Autism Risk
Taking B2AR agonist asthma drugs during pregnancy appears to be associated with an increased risk that the child will develop autism, according to a recently published study at Drexel University.
A hat designed by Hattie Carnegie in 1960 from the Fox Historic Costume Collection. A Century of Philadelphia Fashion from Drexel’s Fox Historic Costume Collection on Display at Michener Art Museum
A stunning collection of clothing and accessories created, worn and sold in Philadelphia from 1896 to 1994 will be on display from March 13 – June 26 as part of Philadelphia in Style: A Century of Fashion from the Robert & Penny Fox Historic Costume Collection, Drexel University at the James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, Pa.The special exhibition of dresses, wedding gowns, shoes, hats and other items will be drawn from Drexel University’s Robert and Penny Fox Historic Costume Collection (FHCC) in the Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design, which will loan the items from its holdings of more than 14,000 garments, accessories and textilesfrom the last three centuries.
e-cigarette On Twitter, E-Cigarette Ads Spread Like Secondhand Smoke
Are 500 retweets the modern equivalent of “everyone’s doing it” when it comes to e-cigarette marketing? While the Food and Drug Administration has proposed a ban on the sales of e-cigarettes to people under 18, as we are beginning to understand the health effects of the substitute to smoking, a recent study by researchers at Drexel University and the University of Southern California suggests that e-cigarette marketing on social media is about as containable as second-hand smoke.
Clare Sauro, curator of the Fox Historic Costume Collection, stands next to a coral-encrusted Hubert de Givenchy couture gown worn by Grace Kelly. Drexel's Fox Historic Costume Collection Receives $2 Million Gift from Robert and Penny Fox
Heralded as a “world-class collection of fashion and textiles” by the Wall Street Journal, Drexel University’s Robert and Penny Fox Historic Costume Collection (FHCC) of the Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design has received a $2 million commitment fromRobert (Hon. ’13) and PennyFox (Hon.’13). The museum-quality collection of more than 14,000 garments, textiles and accessories spanning three centuries is one of the finest and oldest research collections in the nation.
The conference’s line-up of world-renowned chefs, restaurateurs and food writers will participate in TED-talk style lectures, panel discussions and demonstrations. Photo credit: Brian Kinney. Drexel’s 2016 Philly Chef Conference Tackles Hot Topics in Restaurant Industry
Being a chef is so much more than just cooking. On Sunday and Monday, March 6 – 7, the2016 Philly Chef Conference will bring together the biggest names and rising stars in the Philadelphia-area restaurant scene and beyond to delve deep into the real issues faced by restaurant industry professionals, from menu development to restaurant real estate and navigating legal pitfalls.
Cold Mountain Drexel and Penn Create Free Online Course With Opera Philadelphia
In its ongoing mission to broaden its audience and bolster its patrons’ enjoyment, Opera Philadelphia is rolling out an online course in the lead-up to its next major production. Experts from Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania created the framework and curriculum as a primer for Opera Philadelphia’s east coast premiere of Jennifer Higdon and Gene Scheer’s Cold Mountain, which opens on Feb. 5 at the Academy of Music.
Black History Month is celebrated in February. How to Observe Black History Month at Drexel
To observe and celebrate Black History Month, Drexel will host a variety of events celebrating black culture while also reflecting on its history and future.
Lili Mao filming a documentary in Pakistan. Grad Student Films U.N. Documentary in Pakistan
One graduate student recently returned from an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity filming refuges in Pakistan for the United Nations.
JJ Ramberg Drexel to Host MSNBC’s JJ Ramberg of “Your Business” For Talk on Issues Affecting Small Biz Owners
MSNBC’s JJ Ramberg, host of “Your Business,” a television show dedicated to discussions about the issues affecting small business owners, will speak to Drexel University students on Jan. 28 at 6:30 p.m.
An ambulance coming out of its bay for a call. Photo by Jeff Fusco. Study: Paramedics’ Risk of Being Assaulted Exceeds Firefighting Colleagues
A study of ambulance personnel found that paramedics are 14 times more likely to be violently injured on the job than their firefighting colleagues.
Dennis O'Brien Former Councilman O’Brien to be Honored at Drexel for Work in Autism Community
After decades of work advocating and supporting those with disabilities, the ASERT Collaborative and the Philadelphia Autism Project, both housed at the A.J. Drexel Autism Institute, are honoring lifelong Philadelphian Dennis O’Brien for his work to improve the lives of individuals with autism across Philadelphia and Pennsylvania.
A Drexel research team examines the role of the physical and built environment in public health. Drexel Research and Community-Based Projects in Consortium's First Annual Report on Health and Urban Design
Can intentional design help people live healthier lives? The first annual progress report of the American Institute of Architects (AIA)’s Design and Health Research Consortium contributes to a growing body of research showing that the physical and built environment can play a crucial – and often overlooked – role in public health. The report from the Architects Foundation, along with the AIA and the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA), covers consortium activities across a spectrum of research issues where design contributes to public health.
Kevin Gard and Robert Maschi from Drexel's Running Performance and Research Center Tips for Winter Running
Kevin Gard and Robert Maschi, both physical therapists for the Drexel Running Performance and Research Center at Parkway Health & Wellness in Center City, offer some helpful winter running tips for those who don’t want to allow the frigid weather to interfere with fitness goals.
Heard Around Campus Heard Around Campus — January 2016
The New Year is getting off on the right foot, with good news for online programs and for dieters looking for extra motivation to keep their resolutions. ICYMI, here’s an update of campus developments so far this year.
Grace, second from right, with four other Drexel Singapore exchange students in Singapore. Making International Friends at Home and Abroad
Through her experiences at Drexel, Grace Kerschensteiner knows what it’s like to befriend international students in her home country and make friends while living abroad.
Crafternoon Color Me Happy
A Healthier U hosts monthly “Crafternoon” sessions for Drexel faculty and staff, where participants escape the grind with some friendly socializing and relaxing coloring and crafting.
A Fitter U A Fitter U Q&A: January 2016
It's after New Years and the holidays, and people are focusing on their health now more than ever. Joe Giandonato, Drexel's manager of health promotion, weighs in on your winter fitness questions.
Former Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey will join Drexel University as the inaugural Distinguished Visiting Fellow of the Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation. Former Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey Joins Drexel as Distinguished Visiting Fellow
Former Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey will join Drexel University as the inaugural Distinguished Visiting Fellow of the Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation, a new cross-university strategic initiative that aligns Drexel’s academic work with the real-world need for urban revitalization. He also will be affiliated with the Department of Criminology and Justice Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences.
Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King. How to Observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day at Drexel
Martin Luther King Jr. Day is on Jan. 18. Drexel will be on a University holiday, but there are plenty of activities at Drexel to celebrate the day.
crowd looking up Drexel to Bring 'War of The Worlds' Interactive Art Experience to Philadelphia With Support From William Penn Foundation
“The War of the Worlds,” H.G. Wells’s classic work of science fiction literature has inspired the creation of feature films, radio dramas, comic books, music and even the rockets that put a man on the moon. Now the seminal tale of alien invasion is the vision guiding the development of a citywide interactive game and performance project in Philadelphia.
Top Drexel sports moments of 2015 Replay the Top 20 Biggest Moments of Drexel Sports in 2015
Looking back at a year featuring a lot of “firsts,” “bests” and international travel, Director of Athletics Eric Zillmer, PsyD, picks the top 20 biggest moments from 2015.
A red and black mask with a lock over the lips and razor wire wrapped around the face. One of the masks created by a U.S. military service member as part of an art therapy program being analyzed by Girija Kamal, of Drexel's College of Nursing and Health Professions. Putting a Face on Recovery: Analyzing Military Service Members’ Masks
Drexel art therapy professors are analyzing masks created through a program at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center that uses art therapy to treat service members with traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder.
Jackie Schluth Drexel Athletic Club: Support Your Sport
A new campaign is raising funds to support the unique, family-like experience of students who play varsity sports at Drexel. And naturally, there is a competitive twist.
pond scum Cleaning Wastewater With Pond Scum
A blob of algae scooped from a fountain on South Street almost two years ago, has seeded a crop of the green stuff that Drexel University researchers claim is more effective at treating wastewater than many of the processes employed in municipal facilities today. The algae is a functional ingredient of a bioreactor system designed by Drexel environmental engineers to remove several chemicals from wastewater at once — shortcutting a process that normally takes multiple steps, expensive ingredients, and a great deal of time.
During Drexel's honors colloquium, eight students and 25 inmates exchanged letters about classic texts. Prison Reading Project Opens Minds on Both Sides of the Bars
The Prison Reading Project, an honors colloquium offered this fall, connected eight students and 25 inmates through a correspondence about classic literature.
Kara Spiller Harnessing the Body’s Immune System to Heal Wounds Naturally
A Drexel engineer will seek to better understand the relationship between the body’s natural healing process and tissue regeneration with a five-year $1.9 million grant from the NIH.
The local health department serving Montgomery County, Kentucky. Local Health Departments Key to Expanding Mental Health Care in U.S.
A study conducted by a group of researchers in the Dornsife School of Public Health found that a significant number of local health departments offer some form of mental health care services, but could play an even more important role in extending mental health care services to other institutions and facilities across the country.
Graduate student Akshay Finney has gained experience and knowledge in a burgeoning field and found a mentor at his co-op. A Graduate-Level Co-op in an Emerging Field
Before attending one of Drexel’s career fairs, graduate student Akshay Finney never really considered healthcare IT security. Now he’s gained experience and knowledge in a burgeoning field and found a mentor at his job.
Dylan Steinberg, a Drexel alumnus and founder of Dream Machine Creative. Who’s Hiring? Dream Machine Creative
Dream Machine Creative has a history of creating awesome experiences and opportunities for video production Drexel co-ops. Now the NYC-based startup is offering to do the same for business majors as well.