Dana and David Dornsife Drexel’s School of Public Health Receives Transformative $45 Million Gift from Dana and David Dornsife
Drexel University’s School of Public Health has been named the Dana and David Dornsife School of Public Health in honor of a transformative $45 million gift from longtime philanthropists Dana and David Dornsife widely known for their humanitarian efforts. The couple has donated a total of $58 million to the University.
The Philadelphia skyline on a grey day in an Instagram post telling new Drexel students that the "city is yours." The Most Popular Tweets, Posts and Shares of the Month — September 2015
Share in the excitement of the brand-new school year with the Drexel community's best posts of the month.
The top of a Japanese-made tunic on display in the Immortal Beauty exhibit. Centuries of Fashion on Display in Immortal Beauty
Now ready for its official opening, Immortal Beauty: Highlights from the Robert and Penny Fox Historic Costume Collection is the first, large-scale public showing of Drexel’s museum-quality collection.
Behind the Scenes at Pope Weekend
An online graduate student in Drexel’s College of Nursing and Health Professions used her deployment with the American Red Cross for the papal visit as an opportunity for the intense, on-the-job application of what she’s learned.
Heard Around Campus Heard Around Campus: September 2015
The school year has officially begun. Check out anything you may have missed in all the excitement — like the new provost's first University-wide announcement or the success of Welcome Week.
Drexel Board of Trustees Appoints New Members
Drexel University has appointed five new members to its Board of Trustees.
Nearly 43,000 young people in Philadelphia are disconnected or disengaged from the work force. One in Four Young Adults in Philadelphia Are “Disconnected” from Both Work and School
One in four people in Philadelphia between the ages of 18 and 24 are “disconnected” from the labor market – out of school and out of work – according to a new study from Drexel University’s Center for Labor Markets and Policy.Nationally, only 17.7 percent of the age group were disconnected.The report, released this month, was conducted by Paul Harrington, PhD, director of Drexel’s Center for Labor Markets and Policy, and Neeta Fogg, PhD, alabor economist in the Center
The cover of "Death of a Pharaoh." Bringing ‘Death of a Pharoah’ to Life
Drexel’s Alex Geisinger found he needed to look no further than his own professional backyard for creative help on a personal project.
Pope Francis made an evocative call to address the dual problems of environmental degradation and human exploitation. Photo credit: Alfredo Borba. Debating the Pope: Social Scientists Engage Pope's Call for Climate Change Dialogue in Top Journal
In Pope Francis’ nearly 200-page climate change encyclical, Laudato SI, published earlier this year, he explicitly calls for a “dialogue with all people about our common home.” A group of leading social scientists provide a scholarly foundation for that dialogue in a special series of commentaries published online this week in Nature Climate Change.
Specimens from that were contributed to the Academy's collection by clergy during the museum's early days. They include a bushbaby, giant snail, beetle, turtle and bird. Academy Exhibit Highlights Clergy’s Contributions to Science
An exhibit at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University is highlighting the intertwined role of science and the clergy at the museum’s beginning.
A small pile of 50 dollar bills. Financial Fitness Series Back — In Two Parts
By popular demand, the Financial Fitness Series hosted by A Healthier U and the Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union is back and expanded.
A student writing out his wishes for his time at Drexel on a banner decorated with cakes before a portrait of the University's founder, Anthony J. Drexel. Photo by Ola Baldych. Celebrating A.J.'s 189th
Hundreds of students turned out to don fake mustaches and scarf down some ice cream in celebration of the 189th birthday of Drexel's founder.
Stacey Trooskin, MD, assistant professor, Drexel College of Medicine. Drexel Medicine Faculty Member Needs Votes to be Philly Health Hero
For her work in the community to decrease the stigma of HIV and hepatitis C, Drexel College of Medicine’s Stacey Trooskin is up for an annual award from Philadelphia Magazine, but she needs help.
President John A. Fry speaking at the 2015 Drexel Convocation. Convocation 2015: Making This Drexel’s ‘Best Year Ever’
At the ceremonial start to the 2015–16 school year, keynote speaker Youngmoo Kim told those gathered that all signs point to this being Drexel’s finest year.
Paul Peck Alumni Center during the construction of Disque Hall, viewed from above / circa 1967 Travel Through Time With These Photos of Drexel’s Campus
Ever wondered what Drexel’s campus looked like in the ‘60s? How about the ‘80s? Spot the differences between the University campus of yesterday and today in these photos from the Drexel University Archives.
The state-of-the-art gait lab is used for research studies of motion in Drexel's College of Nursing and Health Professions. Tips for Philly Marathoners at Drexel Running Center
Runners training for the Philadelphia Marathon who are looking for some help boosting performance and avoiding injury can watch a lecture hosted by experts at the Running Performance and Research Center at Drexel’s Parkway Health and Wellness.
KAIST Co-op Center Drexel Establishes Co-op Research Center With Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Quality materials, reliable tools and talented artisan are the key ingredients of any successful workshop. When it comes to making electronics components and energy storage devices, discoveries emerge when new materials are used in advanced fabrication techniques. Students from Drexel University and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology will soon be in the presence of both. A co-op partnership with Korea’s National Research Foundation will give the students a chance to apply their talents in the nanofabrication center frequented by companies like Samsung and Hyundai, using the latest nanomaterials developed by Drexel’s materials scientists.
Philadelphia Drexel and Penn Join White House Smart Cities Initiative
Experts from Drexel University and The University of Pennsylvania’s Institute for Urban Research will join others from cities around the country as participants in a White House initiative to make universities and their host municipalities partners in using technology to solve the challenges that face our nation’s growing urban areas.
A team helping new Dragons move in for the first time. In Photos: Move-In Day 2015
Check out the sights and celebration of Drexel's new student move-in day from this weekend.
A football laying in the grass. Photo by RonAlmog ( Q&A: Daniel Korschun on NFL Reputation Amid Cover-Up Allegations
Associate Professor Daniel Korschun discusses the business implications the NFL could be facing after an ESPN report accused the league of a large-scale cover-up of a cheating scandal.
Logo for A Fitter U Q&A with Joseph Giandonato. A Fitter U Q&A: September 2015
Get answers to questions on exercise, fitness and health submitted by the Drexel community to one of the Recreation Center’s fitness experts.
MEP room Diagnosing 'Sick' Buildings to Save Energy
Are you feeling too cold right now? Too warm? Is your office's air a little stale today? On average, Americans spend 90 percent of the day indoors, in a controlled environment. Controlling that environment, at least in the workplace, is the Sisyphean labor of building operators. “Operating” a building requires not only striking the perfect balance between heating, cooling and ventilation, but also repairing and maintaining all of the equipment and systems that allow this magical equilibrium to exist. Endlessly pushing a boulder up a hill might actually be less work. As part of a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, researchers from Drexel University are working on a cloud-based data analysis tool that could help consolidate these labors while also spotting undetected problems that lead to wasted energy and poor indoor environmental quality.
Legal and illegal logging increased more than 600 percent in Ghana during a 15-year period. Photo credit: Nicole Arcilla. As Demand for African Timber Soars, Birds Pay the Ultimate Price
A new study co-authored by scientists at Drexel University reveals the devastating impact of illegal logging on bird communities in the understory layer of Ghana’s Upper Guinea rain forests, one of the world's 25 “biodiversity hotspots."
Perelman Plaza as seen from the north side of Market Street. Welcoming New Dragons to Drexel
To help welcome Drexel’s newest students to campus and familiarize them with Philadelphia, the University is hosting a new Welcome Week.
CloneView Drexel's Image-Tracking Technology Allows Scientists to Observe Nature vs. Nurture in Neural Stem Cells
One of the longstanding debates in science, that has, perhaps unsurprisingly, permeated into the field of stem cell research, is the question of nature versus nurture influencing development. Science on stem cells thus far, has suggested that, as one side of the existential debate holds: their fate is not predestined. But new research from the Neural Stem Cell Institute and Drexel University's College of Engineering suggests that the cells’ tabula might not be as rasa as we have been led to believe.
Alpha Centauri is the bright yellowish star seen at the middle left, one of the "Pointers" to the star at the top of the Southern Cross. Photo courtesy Claus Madsen (ESO), Drexel Icarus Interstellar Sets Sights on Local Starship Congress—and Interstellar Travel
The members of Drexel's Icarus Interstellar chapter are making their way towards travel in outer space. But first, they want to reach other national universities.
Researchers from Drexel University studied the relationship between disordered eating and sexuality among adolescents and young adults. Bisexual and Questioning Women Have Higher Risk of Eating Disorders Than Straight and Lesbian Peers
Young women who are attracted to both sexes or who are unsure about who they are attracted to are more likely to develop an eating disorder than those attracted to only one sex, according to a new study from Drexel University.