Federal Student Aid Default Rates

Three-Year Default Rate for Fiscal Years 2020, 2019, and 2018

Cohort Fiscal Year Official Default Rate Number of Borrowers in Default Number of Borrowers in Repayment Enrollment Figures Percentage Calculation
2020 0 0 4768 27,720 17.20%
2019 0.9 50 5199 28,249 18.40%
2018 1.9 101 5150 27,091 19.01%

ENROLLMENT NOTE: To provide context for the Cohort Default Rate (CDR) data, DOE includes Enrollment Figures (students enrolled at any time during the year) and the corresponding Percentage Calculation (borrowers entering repayment divided by that enrollment figure). There is no direct relationship between the timing of when a borrower entered repayment and any particular enrollment year; we have chosen to use the academic year ending on the 30th of June before the beginning of the cohort year.

Cohort Default Rate (CDR) data is not displayed when Number of Borrowers in Repayment (number of borrowers entering repayment in cohort) includes 10 or few borrowers.

This information will be updated if/when our CDR exceeds the National Average.

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