Below you will find the financial aid forms you may need to use while attending Drexel. Refer to Submitting Documents to Drexel Central for information about the best way to hand in your forms.  

Citizenship Affidavit

If you are required to provide documentation regarding your citizenship or immigration status, but are unable to visit Drexel Central in-person, you can download this form, complete and sign it in the presence of a Public Notary, and submit it along with official documentation.

Consortium Agreement Application

  • Consortium Agreement Application [PDF] – If you are planning to take classes at another institution during your enrollment at Drexel University and would like to receive certain federal financial aid from Drexel, you will need to complete the Consortium Agreement Application and submit it to Drexel Central.

Continuing Student Additional Terms of Institutional Aid Request

At Drexel, students receive institutional awards for a maximum of 12 academic terms provided they are enrolled full time with a cumulative GPA of 2.0. Students who are required to enroll for more than 12 full-time academic terms in order to complete their undergraduate degree can use this form to request additional terms of their institutional awards. Additional terms of institutional aid will only be considered when students are in their final year of enrollment.

Continuing Student Financial Aid Appeal Request

Drexel will review requests for reconsideration of a financial aid award (based on documented financial changes). Visit Change in Circumstances to review the circumstances eligible for a reevaluation. You must complete and submit one of the following forms with your request.

Dependency Override Request Form

Drexel will review requests to exclude required parental data from a FAFSA by students with compelling circumstances.

Disability Discharge Borrower Acknowledgment

If you have been discharged from prior loans due to total and permanent disability and wish to reestablish your eligibility for Federal Student Loan Programs, please complete and submit this form to Drexel Central.

Fresh Start Loan Acknowledgment 

  • Fresh Start Loan Acknowledgment Form [PDF] – If you previously defaulted on a federal student loan, you can request to be considered for Title IV financial aid for up to one year after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic student loan payment pause.

Loan Adjustment Request

  • Loan Adjustment Request Form [PDF] – If you would like to make a reduction of or decline one or more student loans offered to you, please complete this form and submit it to Drexel Central.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Teach Grant Application


Refer to our information on the Federal Verification Process.

Veterans Benefit Certification

  • Veterans Benefit Certification Form [PDF] – If you are a veteran and are eligible to receive benefits that require a certification from Drexel, please complete this application and submit it to Drexel Central along with the eligibility paperwork you receive from the VA.
  • Veterans Co-op Certification Form [PDF] – If you would like to request that Drexel certify your VA Benefits for terms in which you will be on co-op, please complete this form and submit it to Drexel Central. 
  • Veterans Do Not Certify Request Form [PDF] – If you want Drexel to refrain from certifying VA Benefits for a specific time frame, please complete this form and submit to Drexel Central.

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