Testing Center

The Office of Disability Resources (ODR) offers test proctoring services only to students who are registered with the office and have been approved to receive testing accommodations.

University City

Academic Building
3225 Arch Street, Suite 015
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Entrance can be found next to Drexel Police Department
Hours: Monday – Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. ET

Need Directions?

  • DrexelOne App offers a GPS to assist with locating Drexel University buildings.
  • You may also access the University City Campus Map. The Testing Center is in Building 55.

Student Instructions

Prior to booking an exam with the Testing Center, the student should do the following:

  • Ensure that their Accommodation Verification Letter (AVL) has been renewed and sent to your professor. To request to renew an AVL, please review the PDF instructions.
  • Speak with their professor to discuss their test-taking plan to ensure understanding. It is recommended that students have this discussion with their professors at the start of the term or semester.

When scheduling an exam or quiz, students must register through the ClockWork Portal at least five days (120 hours) in advance. Helpful Tip: At the start of the term or semester, students should look at their syllabus for scheduling exams and quizzes, if that information is readily available.

The day before your scheduled testing time, please check your Drexel email to ensure that you have received from the Testing Center (testproctoring@drexel.edu) a confirmation email that contains your scheduled testing time and the location of where your test will be administered.

Students who are enrolled in an evening course and would like to utilize the Testing Center’s proctoring should speak with their professor(s) to discuss the option of taking their exam/quiz at an earlier time in the day during the Testing Center’s hours of operation or at an alternative location, such as with the class.

Please review the Student Guide to ClockWork [.pptx] that contains step-by-step instructions on how to schedule an exam/quiz with the Testing Center.

  • Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes before your scheduled testing time.
  • Upon your arrival to the Testing Center, please do the following:
    • Sign in at the Proctor’s desk.
    • Place all items, except approved testing materials, in the designated area created by the Testing Center.
    • Please turn off all electronics including, but not limited to, cellphones, electronic watches, etc.
  • If you are late, the amount of time will be deducted from your overall testing time.
    • If you are early, you are not permitted to start the exam/quiz early.
    • If you are more than 30 minutes late and have not notified the Testing Center, you will need to reschedule your exam or quiz for a later date. When this occurs, the Testing Center will notify your professor, but it is recommended that you to your professor.
  • Please abide by Drexel University’s Code of Conduct pertaining to academic integrity and academic misconduct.

Upon leaving the Testing Center, please do the following:

  • Follow the instructions for submitting an exam/quiz.
    • If you have not completed the exam/quiz within the time allotted, the Proctor will come to your desk and will instruct the student to submit their exam/quiz.
    • Students are not permitted to request the following:
      • Take additional testing time than is specified in their Accommodation Verification Letter (AVL)
      • Have their exam/quiz back after it has been submitted
  • Once the exam/quiz has been submitted, the student can collect their belongings from the designated area and exit the Testing Center.

Faculty Responsibilities and Resources

  • Please check your Drexel email for a notification email pertaining to a student scheduled exam. If you have received an email from the Testing Center pertaining to a student’s request to utilize the testing facility, please review the instructions on how to access that request through the ClockWork Portal.
  • If a student has the accommodation of extended time on exams/quizzes and the exam/quiz is online (e.g., BlackBoard), professors are required to adjust the student’s time prior to the student’s schedule testing appointment. The ODR Testing Center is NOT responsible for adjusting the time.
  • Professors should follow the instructions provided in the email and log in to the ClockWork Portal to confirm the details of the schedule exam/quiz and upload a copy of the exam/quiz and any passwords that are needed to access the testing material.
  • Other ways the exam or quiz can be submitted to the Testing Center:
    1. Email: testproctoring@drexel.edu
    2. In-person drop-off at the designated Testing Center
  • A copy of the exam/quiz should be provided at least one (1) business day before the student’s scheduled exam time. If the exam/quiz is not provided at least one (1) business day before the student’s schedule exam time, we cannot guarantee that the student will be able to test or begin their exam/quiz on time. If you need to make alternative arrangements or have questions, please email the Testing Center at testproctoring@drexel.edu.
  • Please consider being available by email during the student’s scheduled testing time in case the student testing in the Testing Center need clarification on any aspect of the exam/quiz.

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Email: disability@drexel.edu
Testing: testproctoring@drexel.edu

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