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Listed below are Frequently Asked Questions for students. Please contact Disability Resources at or 215.895.1401 with any additional questions.

In order to use any accommodations in your classes, it is your responsibility to renew your Accommodation Verification Letter (AVL). In order to renew your AVL please contact our office at 215.895.1401 and select option 2, or email with your name and student ID number. Please specify if you would like your AVL sent out to all professors or professors of select courses. Please be advised that AVL’s will be sent out in the order which requests are received. We suggest you make this request at least one week before the start of each term.

Some professors choose to proctor exams for students with exam accommodations (i.e. extended time, distraction reduced setting, etc.). You should ask your professor if they plan to do this. If not, alternative testing space is available with Disability Resources on the University City and Center City campuses from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding University holidays). Please inquire with Disability Resources for more information.

Generally, instructors provide all approved academic accommodations. In the rare occurrence that an instructor does not understand or refuses to provide an accommodation you should contact Disability Resources immediately.

As noted, you must renew your AVL each term. After you schedule your classes, contact Disability Resources and request your new AVL. It will generally be ready in two (2) business days if you are requesting the same accommodations as the previous term. You will not need a formal appointment unless your accommodations have changed.

If at any point you feel your current accommodations are not providing you with equal access or are in any way ineffective, contact Disability Resources. We are happy to work with students to find appropriate solutions.

Yes, Drexel does offer accommodations related to meal plans (e.g. reductions) and housing (e.g. specialized rooming arrangements). More information can be found on the Student Accommodations web page. If you feel you require such an accommodation based on a disability, you should contact Disability Resources.

If you feel the actions of any person or entity at Drexel University have been discriminatory based on your disability status, you can contact the Office for Institutional Equity and Inclusive Culture and report the event.

Disability-related documentation and other records at Disability Resources are completely confidential. We never communicate with anyone on your behalf (not even with your parents) unless you specifically authorize us to do so. No university records or transcripts are affected if you register with Disability Resources.

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