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This section is an informational tool for instructors and supervisors who work with individuals with a disability at Drexel University. Disability Resources professional staff value your partnership to provide accommodations for students and employees, and encourage you to use this department as a resource whenever necessary. Please review this section for helpful information.


ClockWork allows faculty/instructors to approve a student to take an exam with Disability Resources and upload the exam. Please see the Faculty Guide [PDF] for step-by-step instructions.

A few reminders about testing procedures:

  • Students are required to submit their exam request at least five days/120 hours prior to the exam date. Faculty should submit a copy of the exam as soon as possible, no later than 2 business days prior to the exam date.
  • Please let the test proctoring staff know if the student will be using any special aides or software that we may have to set up ahead of time.
  • When sending the exam, please ensure that the answer key or other information that should not be seen by the student is not included.
  • Disability Resources does not have blue books or specialized Scantrons available. If the student needs a blue book or a specialized Scantron, please drop those items off to the office or testing site.

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Please note that as a student is granted an Accommodations Verification Letter (AVL) from the Office of Disability Resources (ODR), once ODR processes this letter, it will be emailed to the student's instructor (and others as requested). This letter outlines the accommodations required for the student.

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