Forms & Documentation Requirements

For Students with Disabilities

Documentation Requirements

To accompany a Student Request Form, students are required to submit medical documentation from a licensed medical professional that can attest to their diagnosis.

Medical documentation should contain the following information:

  1. An official diagnosis of the condition/impairment.
  2. A statement about the impact of the diagnosis.

All medical documentation must be on an official letterhead of the medical professional’s practice, and a signature from the evaluator/medical professional.

If the documentation is incomplete or does not indicate a qualifying disability, an Accommodations Coordinator will contact the student via Drexel email.

To learn about specific medical documentation guidelines, please see below.

Documentation must be certified by a professional who can address the functional limitations of a condition/impairment. Specific documentation requirements for the following disabilities can be accessed by clicking on the name of the disability below. Disability Resources is currently working on updating these guidelines. In the interim, please direct any questions to Disability Resources at 215.895.1401 or