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  • AgeWell Collaboratory Committee Member Publication

    Terri Clark, MPH, a member of the AgeWell Collaboratory advisory committee, recently published an article in Population Health Matters. Titled "Optimizing Older Adult Sexual Expression," Clark's article explains the differences between sex and sexuality and how older adults express intimacy.

    In addition to her role with the AgeWell Collaboratory, Clark is a prevention services coordinator at Action Wellness. She is a certified trainer with the SAGE (Services and Advocacy for LGBT Elders) serves on the American Society on Aging's leadership council of their LGBT Aging Issues Network (LAIN) constituent group.

    June 26

  • Trish Shewokis

    CNHP Faculty Receives New Patent

    Patricia A. Shewokis, PhD, Professor in Nutrition Sciences with a joint appointment in the School of Biomedical Engineering Science and Health Systems, was recently awarded a patent (Patent No. US 9,946,344, B2). The invention is entitled, Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy Based Brain Computer Interface. The fNIR-based brain computer interfaces involve the training of individuals to intentionally control neural activity in specific cortical areas, resulting in up-regulating and down-regulating oxygenations levels in specific locations in the brain. These fNIR brain computer interfaces allow for continuous and/or binary control over computing environments. This invention can be applied to develop training protocols and regimens for rehabilitation, therapeutic and instructional environments.

    Co-inventors with Shewokis on the patent include: Hasan Ayaz, PhD, Associate Research Professor, BIOMED, Scott C. Bunce, PhD, Associate Professor, Penn State Hershey School of Medicine and Banu Onaral, PhD, Professor, BIOMED.

    Applications of this invention include two publications with one of the other inventors and co-advisee PhD graduate in BIOMED.

    Liu, Y., Ayaz, H. & Shewokis, P.A. (2017) Multisubject 'learning' for mental workload classification using concurrent EEG, fNIRS, and Physiological measures. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 11:389. doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2017.00389. [IF: 3.634]

    Liu, Y., Ayaz, H. & Shewokis, P.A. (2017). Mental workload classification with concurrent electroencephalography and functional near infrared spectroscopy. Brain Computer Interface Journal 4:3, 175-185, DOI: 10.1080/2326263X.2017.1304020 [IF: 1.95]

    June 26

  • Funding Opportunity

    $2.6 million is available for reasearchers studying how to improve children's development through healthy foods and beverages

    The next round of nutrition research funding is available. Healthy Eating Research (HER), a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) national program, is awarding $2.6 million to researchers/research teams studying ways—either through current or new pilot policies/programs—to improve children’s nutrition habits and dietary intake to help them grow up healthy.

    They are most interested in research that can impact kids and families, particularly those who are disproportionately affected by high rates of obesity and poor health, in the places they spend time including child care centers, schools and the neighborhoods where they live. Some topics that are of importance are included in the list below. But, proposals do not need to be limited to these areas.

    • Federal nutrition programs such as SNAP, WIC, and School Breakfast and Lunch programs;
    • Strategies to increase access to healthy food and/or decrease access to unhealthy food including pricing incentives, water access, nutrition labels and procurement practices; and
    • Industry and/or retail practices that influence purchasing and consumption habits.

    Learn more about this funding opportunity and apply by the July 18 deadline.

    June 25

  • Guy Diamond

    Participating in the National Dialogue

    The Center for Family Intervention Science is a goldmine for resources and science in the area of suicide prevention and treatment. The work Guy Diamond, PhD, the Center's director, is critical and Diamond's and the Center's faculty are helping to improve provider's knowledge and comfort with mental health issues. He wrote a recent email as a response to the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain.

    The tragic news of two celebrities, Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, taking their own lives has left us shocked and confused. How could such passionate people with so much opportunity decide to take their life? We may never understand the pain they must have felt, but we can help others who might have similar feelings find alternatives to death. As many of you know, my work has focused on suicide prevention and treatment. We run a small program for youth, young adults and college students who are struggling with thoughts of suicide. We also work in medical settings doing suicide prevention. The integration of behavioral health services into primary care and emergency room settings has become a national agenda. Mental health problems impede adherence to medical treatment and can be debilitating in and of themselves. Surprisingly few behavioral health resources exist for medical providers.

    Faculty at The Center for Family Intervention Science are trying to remedy this situation with a three part program. We developed a training program to help providers do risk assessments, safety planning and family engagement. These short trainings improve provider’s knowledge and comfort with mental health issues.

    We have also developed a comprehensive, yet brief, web-based screening tool that patients can complete before or during the medical visit. This multidimensional screen goes beyond depression and measures a host of other psychiatric and risk factors including social determinants of health. A report is generated and printed or linked to the Electronic Medical Record.

    The biggest challenge is where to refer patients identified as at-risk. To address this, we focus efforts on building partnerships and relationships with the behavioral health neighborhood.

    We have implemented this program across Pennsylvania and several other states, resulting in increased identification and referral rates. We are working with Drexel Family Medicine to bring this program to Drexel.

    With these, and other resources, medical staff of all disciplines can play an important role in the identification of patients with suicidal thoughts and other mental health challenges. Training ourselves and our students in these strategies could help us feel less powerless and help save lives. We are waiting for news on Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration funding that would help us disseminate these kinds of skills and resources across the University community. I will keep you posted!

    For more information about our work or on this important topic, please contact Guy Diamond, PhD.

    Diamond, G.S., Levy, S.A., Bevans, K.B., Fein, J.A., Wintersteen, M.B., Tien, A. &\Creed, T.A. (2010). Development, validation, and utility of the web-based Behavioral Health Screen for adolescents in ambulatory care. Pediatrics, 126(1), 163-170. doi: 10.1542/peds.2009-3272

    Fein, J.A., Pailler, M.E., Frances K., Barg, F.K., Wintersteen, M.B., Hayes, K., Tien, A. & Diamond, G.S. (2010). Feasibility and effects of a web-based adolescent psychiatric assessment administered by clinical staff in the pediatric emergency department. Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, 164(12), 1112-1117. doi: 10.1001/archpediatrics.2010.213

    June 25

  • CFIS Spring Speaker Series June Event

    Family Intervention Science: Spring 2018 Speaker Series The Center for Family Intervention Science is excited to bring to the community a speaker series on family engagement and family-centered research and practice.

    "Our mission of the Center is to study and disseminate family centered care models that promote strengths, resources and community engagement particularly for vulnerable or marginalized families. We aim to improve the well-being of children and adults with medical, developmental or behavioral health conditions through interprofessional research, education and practice."

    “Mother Baby Connections: An Intensive Outpatient Perinatal Mental Health Program”

    Presenter: Bobbie Posmontier, PhD, CNM, PMHNP-BC
    Associate Professor, Division of Graduate Nursing, CNHP, Drexel University

    Thursday, June 28, 2018 • 12:00 – 1:00 p.m

    Three Parkway Building, 1601 Cherry Street

    Click Here to register.

    June 25

  • Healthcare Mosaic Conference Free Seats Remaining

    Plan to join us for this bi-annual event hosted by the Pennsylvania Action Coalition in partnership with the Drexel University College of Nursing and Health Professions.

    The conference explores the themes of equity, cultural competence and confident humility. Presenters plan to discuss the complex relationships between inclusion, discrimination, social determinants of health and health outcomes through both research and practical perspectives.

    Tuesday and Wednesday, June 26 and 27, 2018
    Drexel University City Campus Mandell Theater
    3220 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, PA

    Main Conference Day: Tuesday, June 26, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    Focus Seminars: Wednesday, June 27, 8 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

    Featured Speakers include:
    Deputy Surgeon General Rear Admiral Sylvia Trent-Adams, PhD, RN, FAAN

    Interested in attending the conference? We have 17 remaining complimentary seats available for student and faculty/staff use, first-come, first-served. If interested, please contact Dr. Veronica Carey at 267.359.5566 or

    Unable to attend? You can still participate by listening to the keynote speech of Deputy Surgeon General Rear Admiral Sylvia-Trent Adams, PhD, RN, FAAN. Cost: Complimentary Continuing education credits are not available for this webcast. Register here and we will send you the link.

    Unable to secure a complimentary ticket but still want to attend? Get details on fees, continuing education opportunities for nurses, physicians and social workers, accommodations, directions, parking and registration by clicking here.

    June 25

  • Faculty Presentation on Teen Dating Violence

    Chalice Jenkins, PhD, assistant clinical professor in CNHP's counseling and family therapy department, was honored to raise awareness and educate the community on the Teen Dating Violence (TDV) public health crisis. Jenkins spoke on risk factors, protective factors, and TDV prevention at The Mansion in Voorhees, NJ on 6/9/18.

    June 25

  • Food and Hospitality Management Faculty Publications

    Jasreen Sekhon, PhD, assitant professor in culinary arts and food science, published two papers recently:

    Jonathan Deutsch, PhD, professor in culinary arts and food science, published a new book and journal article:

    Michael Tunick, PhD has new research published:

    • A.J. Bucci, D.L. Van Hekken, M.H. Tunick, J.A. Renye, P.M. Tomasula (2018). “The Effects of Microfluidization on the Physical, Microbial, Chemical, and Coagulation Properties of Milk.” Journal of Dairy Science

    June 20

  • Food and Hospitality Management Faculty Publications

    Jasreen Sekhon, PhD, assitant professor in culinary arts and food science, published two papers recently:

    Jonathan Deutsch, PhD, professor in culinary arts and food science, published a new book and journal article:

    Michael Tunick, PhD has new research published:

    • A.J. Bucci, D.L. Van Hekken, M.H. Tunick, J.A. Renye, P.M. Tomasula (2018). “The Effects of Microfluidization on the Physical, Microbial, Chemical, and Coagulation Properties of Milk.” Journal of Dairy Science

    June 20

  • Food and Hospitality Management Faculty Awards

    Jasreen Sekhon, PhD, assitant professor in culinary arts and food science, received a Career Development Award from the Office of Faculty Affairs and a Scholarly Materials and Research Equipment Award from the Office of Research.

    Jonathan Deutsch, PhD, professor in culinary arts and food science, is the recipient of the Idaho Potato Commission Innovation Award and the Brightwater Entrepreneurial Award.

    June 20

  • Faculty Recognition Given

    Each year, members of the College of Nursing and Health Professions Teaching Excellence Awards committee review the dossiers of departmental nominees in an effort to select online and on site awardees.

    The 2018 recipient for on-site teaching excellence is Ann McDonough Madden, MHS, PA-C, DFAAPA, assistant clinical professor, Physician Assistant department. The picture was taken and Drexel University Faculty Dinner on May 23 at Behrakis Hall.

    Pictured from left: Gretchen Fox, MMSC, PA-C, Associate clinical Professor and Vice Chair, Ann McDonough, MHS, PA-C, DFAAPA, Assistant Clinical Professor and Patrick C. Auth, PhD, PA-C, Clinical Professor and Chair, Physician Assistant Department.

    June 20

  • Graduation Highlights

    The Director’s Award is presented to a graduating student who has been actively involved in the Center for Food and Hospitality Management since entering as a freshman. This student consistently organized and volunteered for Center and community events, served as a mentor to underclassmen and as president of Drexel’s chapter of Eta Sigma Delta, the international hospitality management society. The recipient is Kasey Kline who earned a bachelor of science in hospitality management.

    June 15

  • Dean's Award recipient Danielle Kobner

    Graduation Highlights

    The Dean’s Award is presented to a graduating student who has distinguished himself/herself by providing outstanding service to the College.

    Danielle Kobner, earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, has been selected its recipient. Danielle, recognized for her efforts as a leader and member of the Dragon Recruitment Team, was nominated by Laura Valenti executive director, college engagement, marketing and communications.

    "Danielle is an outstanding student and has been a leader in the Dragon Recruitment Team for several years. I can honestly say that her warmth and honesty has been the key to successful recruitment of many BSN Co-op Nursing students. Both prospective students and their families have been extremely complimentary about Danielle's exuberance for Drexel and most especially, the BSN Co-op program." 

    June 15

  • Graduation Highlights

    The Achievement Award is presented to a hard-working, graduating student who has taken advantage of opportunities given them by the Center for Food and Hospitality Management to achieve success in their academics and professional life. This student consistently applied to every scholarship the department offers, was actively involved in professional food science organizations and attended many conferences and seminars. He attended or volunteered at every Philly Chef Conference taking advantage of networking connections ensuring himself of a bright future. He soon travels to Copenhagen, Denmark to work at the world-renowned restaurant NOMA. Upon his return to the States, he will begin working at the United States Department of Agriculture’s Eastern Regional Research Center, Agricultural Research Services. The recipient is Blaise Colamarino, who earned a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts and science.

    June 15

  • Rose-Ann Ghalili

    Mentoring Award bestowed

    The Dr. Gloria F. Donnelly Excellence in Mentoring Award established by College alumni, Drs. Anthony and Rita Adeniran, pays tribute to Dr. Donnelly, a beloved teacher, gifted educator, gracious mentor and consummate leader. Dr. Donnelly led CNHP where the Adenirans were taught by an impressive group of faculty who empowered them with an education and knowledge that continues to take them places they believe they would not have gone by themselves.

    CNHP students nominated faculty who made significant contributions to mentoring traditionally underrepresented students—faculty whose positivity impacted our students and their education. The first-ever recipient of the Dr. Gloria F. Donnelly Excellence in Mentoring Award is RoseAnn DiMaria-Ghalili, PhD, RN, CNSC, FASPEN, FAAN, professor in Graduate Nursing and Nutrition Sciences Departments. She was nominated by doctoral nursing graduate Jerry John Nutor, PhD and undergraduate nursing student Bryan Schaffer.

    June 15

  • Creative Arts Therapies awards ceremony at Stotesbury Mansion

    Graduation Highlights

    Creative Arts Therapies Recap 

    The Capstone Project Thesis Award recognizes a graduating master's student for exemplary work in the MA thesis, considering innovation, scholarship, relevance and potential contribution to the field, critical and creative thinking, ethical practices, integration of theory, research and practice and excellent writing. The recipient of this award is Samantha Tavlin.

    Tavlin's thesis is titled "Exploring Countertransference and Cultural Biases: Creating a Parallel Art Narrative in Response to Working with Victims/Survivors of Sexual Assault." She did her internship at University of the Arts Counseling Center.

    The Artistry Award recognizes a graduating creative arts therapies student for significant arts involvement while an master's student. The recipient of this award is Alaa Alhajii whose thesis is titled "A Grant Proposal to Support a Mobile Art Studio for Arab Refugee Children" and did an internship at Stephen and Sandra Sheller 11th St. Family Health Services.

    The Clinical Excellence Award recognizes a graduating master's student who has demonstrated exceptional performance during the clinical internship. The student is acknowledged for providing excellence in patient/client care. This award was given to three students.

    • Suraija Agosto did her internship at Mastery Charter School Shoemaker Campus and her thesis is titled "Stability, Mobility, and Integration: A Dance/Movement Therapy Method Addressing Transitions with Adolescents."
    • Leanna Caplan, who did her internship at Brooke Glen Behavioral Hospital, titled her thesis "Everyday Creativity and the Occurrence of Insight within Group Music Therapy Improvisation for Adults with Mental Illness."
    • Mikayla Voller did her internship at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Her thesis is titled "The Current Use of Art Therapy Assessments: A Thematic Analysis."

    The Leadership Award recognizes a graduating master's student who has demonstrated professional initiative and leadership in the program, department, College, in the profession and/or in the community or in the development of new clinical opportunities. There are two 2018 recipients.

    • Rebecca Bergh. Bergh did her internship at Hahnemann University Hospital. Her thesis is titled "Voices In Closure: The Role of the Voice and Music Therapy in Addressing Closure with Drop-In Oncology Support Groups."
    • Aditi Travedi did her internship at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Her thesis is titled "An Integrative Review of Direct and Indirect Pathways for Development of Spoken Language, Through Dance/Movement Therapy."

    The Overall Achievement Award recognizes a graduating master's student for outstanding overall achievement in academic standing, demonstration of dedication and tenacity of learning, and for exemplary attitude and behavior within peer cohorts, in scholarship, service and clinical experiences. The 2018 awardee is Renee Kurz. Kurz performed her internship at Chances: Outpatient Substance Abuse Recovery Program. Her thesis title is "When Death Precedes Birth: The Embodied Experiences of Women With a History of Miscarriage or Stillbirth – A Phenomenological Study Using Artistic Inquiry."

    The Creative Arts Therapies Service Award is given to a student who demonstrates civic engagement, volunteerism and community responsiveness in the contexts of the program, department, profession, College, university and/or community. There are three recipients for 2018.

    • Casey Davenport whose internship site was the Women Veteran Center-Veteran Multi-Service Center and her thesis is titled "Social Action in Art Therapy with Veterans."
    • Zein Hassaneindid his internship at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. His thesis is titled "Critical Theory, Conflict Transformation, and Community Music Therapy: A Critical Review."
    • Kaitlin Ingebretsen did her internship at Easter Seals. Her thesis is titled "A Dance/Movement Therapy Method for the Elicitation and Use of Voice in Movement Sessions with Preschool-Aged Children with Developmental Delays."

    The Leadership Promise Award is given to a doctoral student for significant involvement at the national and international level in professional advocacy, advancement of knowledge in the field and visibility through presentation and publications. This year, it was given to Karolina Bryl. Bryl's doctoral dissertaion is "The Role of Dance/Movement Therapy in the Treatment of Negative Syndrome and Psychosocial Functioning of Patients with Schizophrenia: A Pilot Study."

    The Research Promise Award is given to a doctoral student for the advancement of innovative and rigorous research in the field, demonstration of persistence and resilience in the conduct of research, participation in applying for and coordinating funded research projects and for dissemination through publication and presentation. Katharine Myers-Coffman is the 2018 recipient. Her dissertaion is "The Resilience Songwriting Program for Adolescent Bereavement: A Mixed Methods Exploratory Study."

    The Teaching Promise Award is given to a doctoral student for consistent dedication to teaching and advising students, inspiring students to actively participate in their learning, proposing innovative and cutting-edge curriculum and pedagogy and contributing to the advancement of overall student education in the field. Marcia Sue Cohen-Liebman was given the 2018 award. Her dissertation is "Drawing and Disclosure of Experienced Events in an Art Therapy Investigative Interview Process With School Aged Children: A Qualitative Comparative Analogue Study."

    June 15

  • Graduation Highlights

    The Achievement Award is presented to a graduating student who has demonstrated perseverance and ability in the face of significant challenge, while attaining his or her academic goals.

    The recipient is Zein Hassanein, who earns a master’s degree from our music therapy and counseling program. Zein was nominated by Florence Ierardi, Music Therapy Program Director, Creative Arts Therapies Department.

    "Zein Hassanein, graduate of the Music Therapy and Counseling Program, spent the first 17 years of his life on the African continent raised in a bi-cultural household. He identifies as a global citizen and came to the US for a bachelor's degree in biology and music, followed by repatriation to Portland, Oregon, where he participated in projects aimed at building bridges among disparate cultures and communities through creative expression.

    During Zein's two-year education at Drexel University, he has sought out and been involved in local projects, including Al-Bustan and The Friends and Sanctuary Project. Al-Bustan is a community-focused arts and culture organization that specifically aims to share the Middle Eastern and North African cultures with the people of Philadelphia. The goal of The Friends and Sanctuary Project is to bring together Syrian and Iraqi refugees to work on the development of an art book, facilitated by multiple artists. Zein's role in the project has been to provide creative arts enrichment and support to the children while the adults are in sessions, offering art and music activities that enable the children to explore themes of displacement in a developmentally informed manner. I anticipate that Zein will continue to pursue and develop ambitious opportunities that provide connection and community for displaced and marginalized individuals and groups well beyond graduation."

    June 15

  • Graduation Highlights

    The Community Service Award is presented to a graduating student who is actively involved in a community service. The recipient is Miranda Rouse earning a bachelor of science degree in Nutrition Sciences. Miranda was nominated by Jennifer Quinlan, PhD, an associate professor in the Nutrition Sciences Department.

    "This nomination is in strong support of Ms. Miranda Rouse for the Community Service Award. Miranda is both a scholar and an athlete, receiving the Freshman of the Year Award, Drexel Swimming and Diving in 2015, the Drexel Swimming Scholar Athlete Award in 2017 and the Drexel Swimming Blue and Gold Spirit Award in 2018. Despite the time needed to devote to her athletic pursuits here at Drexel University, Miranda has maintained a 3.7 GPA and been on the Dean’s list consistently since 2015.

    Most impressive is that in addition to her academic and athletic performance, Miranda has also devoted a tremendous amount of time and effort to community service during her time here at Drexel University. She is the Campus and Community Outreach Chair for SAAC (Student Athletic Advisory Committee) and in that position organizes community service events for student athletes. She arranged for SAAC to be part of the Polar Plunge by Special Olympics PA this past December on Drexel’s campus, raising money to sponsor one of their own Student Athletes taking the plunge and donating the rest of the money raised to Special Olympics directly. Additionally, in this position with SAAC she recently organized a community dinner at the Ronald McDonald house on Chestnut Street. This included organizing volunteers, creating the menu, making shopping lists and with her colleagues and then cooking and serving the meal to children and their families who are receiving treatment at CHOP. She has been a volunteer at MANNA (Metropolitan Area Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance) since her freshman year, volunteering in the kitchen for three-hour shifts and accumulating over 50 hours of volunteer work at this organization alone.

    Nutrition sciences is a four-year program with only one six-month Cooperative Education Experience. Miranda’s co-op experience consisted of an unpaid position in the spring and summer of 2017 at Pennsylvania Hospital in the postpartum unit, helping new mothers learning to breastfeed their babies. In this position, she accumulated over 600 hours of direct patient contact hours. It should be noted that in addition to graduating with her major in nutrition sciences, Miranda will be graduating with a minor in culinary Arts and a Certificate in Human Lactation. As a clinical lactation student Miranda spent 8-14 hours/week over the last five months performing supervised practice work at Women, Infants and Children (WIC), St. Christopher’s Hospital and Hahnemann Hospital.

    Perhaps the most telling aspect of Miranda’s commitment to community service is her next endeavor, following graduation. In September 2018, Miranda will be traveling to Zambia in Southeastern Africa to serve as a Peace Corps volunteer as a maternal and child health and HIV/AIDS educator. I believe all of the past and future efforts of Ms. Miranda Rouse make her highly qualified to be awarded the Dean’s Community Service Award."

    June 15

  • Graduation Highlights

    The Clinical Service Award is presented to a graduating student who has demonstrated exemplary work through interprofessional and clinically relevant work aiming to treat underserved communities at his/her clinical placement. The recipient is Rebecca Bergh, who earned a master’s degree in music therapy and counseling. Rebecca was nominated by Florence Ierardi, Music Therapy Program Director, Creative Arts Therapies Department.

    "Rebecca Bergh, graduate of the Music Therapy and Counseling Program, entered the master’s program in Music Therapy and Counseling with the credential of board certified music therapist. Despite the many opportunities for a less rigorous master’s experience, she chose Drexel because of the optimal resources in our healthcare environment. Rebecca chose Hahnemann University Hospital for her second-year clinical internship, again despite other offers, because of her interest in working with adults with medical challenges and with babies in the neonatal intensive care unit. Because of Rebecca’s interest and dedication to music therapy with these most vulnerable infants, the Drexel music therapy program and Hahnemann University Hospital are participating in a multi-site national research study to examine the effects of music therapy with babies born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. The babies involved in this study are the tiniest victims of opioid use that plagues our society. Rebecca’s participation in this study has added extra time and training during her internship, which she has accepted gracefully and enthusiastically. She has forged relationships with parents and staff in the neonatal intensive care unit and has provided exceptional clinical support for the physical and emotional development of fragile infants. I am pleased to nominate Rebecca for the Clinical Service Award. Her commitment to ethical and caring music therapy practice have been exemplary."

    June 15

  • Graduation Highlights

    Each year at Commencement the Harold W. Pote “Behind Every Graduate” Award is presented. Named for the late Drexel trustee, this award recognizes excellence in secondary school teaching with selections made based on nominations by graduating students.

    Anna Marie Pierce, who received a Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration, nominated a teacher who made an impression on her. One of the "Behind Every Graduate" awards was given to Kathleen Glacken (GLAK-IN) from Central Monto Technical High School in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania at CNHP's ceremony last night at the Mann.

    June 15

  • Graduation Highlights

    Perfect 4.0

    In the spirit of honoring exceptional academic achievement, CNHP's undergraduate students who have completed their degrees with a perfect 4.0 grade point average were recognized at commencement.

    Congratulations to 

    • Amanda Mei Wong
    • Ira Mashioff
    • Keriann Eliseo

    June 15

  • Angela Colistra

    Not all treatment centers are alike

    Angela Colistra, PhD, an assistant clinical professor in the Department of Counseling and Family Therapy, was quoted in a June 7 Philadelphia Business Journal story exploring the boom in opioid abuse treatment centers.

    June 14

  • Professor Jonathan Deutsch from Center for Food and Hospitality Management

    Food Truck Regulations Article

    Jonathan Deutsch, PhD, a professor in the Center for Food and Hospitality Management, was quoted in a June 12 USA Today article about regulation and permit needs for food trucks and the historical concept of mobile food. The article was picked up by several stations including KVUE-TV (ABC Austin), KARE-TV ( ABC Minneapolis) and WGRZ-TV (ABC Buffalo) among others.

    June 13

  • Jennifer Quinlan

    Bacteria in the Kitchen

    Jennifer J. Quinlan, PhD, an associate professor in nutrition sciences, is featured in a June 11 article in Popular Science regarding kitchen towel bacteria. Her best advice is to use towels for a single purpose, practice good hygiene and let towels to dry between uses.

    June 13

  • One of the masks that was categorized as using metaphors, the most common theme in the masks that were studied. Courtesy of the BMJ Open.

    Study links art content to trauma level

    A research team led by CNHP's Girija Kaimal, EdD, assistant professor, and Melissa Walker, of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center’s National Intrepid Center of Excellence (NICoE), analyzed the different themes present in masks made by active service members as part oftheir medical protocol for recovering from traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

    Masks created by 370 active duty service members in the first of a four-week creative arts therapy program at the NICoE were analyzed, the study, published by the BMJ OpenThis study was funded as part of Creative Forces: NEA Military Healing Arts Network, an initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with the Department of Defense, Department of Veteran Affairs and state arts agencies.

    June 13

  • Khiara M. Bridges, PhD, a  associate professor of anthropology and associate professor of law at Boston University

    Save the Date

    Khiara Bridges, PhD, who holds a dual appointment at Boston University as an associate professor of anthropology and associate professor of law, will discuss her book, Reproducing Race: An Ethnography of Pregnancy as a Site of Racialization at the College of Nursing and Health Professions on November 7.

    CNHP's Board of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is organizing the event and is co-sponsored by Thomas R. Kline School of Law, the College of Arts and Sciences Women's and Gender Studies and Center for Science, Technology and Society.

    June 12

  • Research Committee Summer Workshop Series

    This month's research committee workshop is Tuesday, June 12 at noon.

    Topic: Join a Review Panel: A great way to learn about the ins and outs of grant making

    Speakers: Margaret Finley, PT, PhD, associate professor in the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science and Robert J. Palisano, PT, ScD, FAPTA, professor and associate dean for research

    To RSVP, click here.

    June 12

  • Save the Date

    Dates are set for the Pennsylvania Department of Aging LGBTQ Aging Summit. Representatives from community organizations such as the Elder Initiative, William Way LGBT Community Center, SAGE and others will likely be in attendance on October 9 and 10. More information to come in the near future. Questions can be directed to Kate Clark , director of strategic initiatives or Cameron McConkey, coordinator of research operations in the Center for Family Intervention Sciences.

    June 12

  • Jaime Slaughter

    HDRI Scholar Announced

    Jaime Slaughter-Acey, PhD has been selected as a 2018 Health Disparities Research Institute (HDRI) Scholar. The Health Disparities Research Institute is scheduled to take place July 23-27, 2018 in Bethesda, Maryland.

    From the large number of applications received, only 50 people are selected to become Scholars through a competitive selection process. Slaughter-Acey was chosen based on her interest in health disparities research and her accomplishments to date.

    June 11

  • Important Commencement Update

    Commencement is upon us! Details regarding regalia and reporting times appear below.


    Regalia will be available for pick up in the Bookstore the week of June 4 (depending on when you placed your regalia order). You must pick up your regalia and bring it with you.

    Per the Bookstore, all faculty and staff to pick up regalia by 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 12.


    College of Nursing and Health Professions and Center for Food & Hospitality Management

    5:00 p.m. at The Mann Center

    • Volunteers (robing room assistants, marshals, readers, scroll handlers): 3 p.m. at the tent next to loading dock
    • Faculty: 4 p.m. at the orchestra room #122 by way of the press gate (located off the staff parking lot)
    • Stage Party: 4 p.m. at the Donor Pavilion  by way of the press gate (located off the staff parking lot)

    University-wide Commencement

    7:30 p.m. at Citizens Bank Park

    • Marshals: Beginning at 4:30 p.m. (no later than 5:30 p.m.) at the Hall of Fame Club (first base side via suite and club entrance east—located off Darien Street across from parking lot P)
    • Faculty: Between 6 - 6:30 p.m. at the Hall of Fame Club (first base side via suite and club entrance east—located off Darien Street across from parking lot P
    • Stage Party: Between 6 - 6:30 p.m. at the Hall of Fame Club (third base side via home plate suite and club entrance—located off Pattison Avenue

    For additional information regarding either the CNHP/CFHM Commencement Ceremony or the University-Wide Commencement Ceremony, please visit the Provost’s Commencement Site. If you have any questions, please contact us at

    June 11

  • Shilmi Patel serves as commencement speaker

    Physician Assistant Student Selected as Speaker

    The physician assistant department is proud to share that Shilmi Patel has been selected from a pool of submissions to represent the student perspective at the CNHP graduation ceremony this year. Patel, currently a CNHP first-year physician assistant student, is receiving a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences as part of the accelerated BS/MHS (2019) program. 

    Patel will discuss how her time at Drexel so far has fostered her ability to use her voice and share her thoughts. The Drexel University College of Nursing and Health Professions graduation ceremony will take place at the Mann Center for Performing Arts on June 14, 2018 at 5:00 p.m.

    June 11

  • BSN-Co-op pin

    BSN-Co-op Pinning

    Graduation week is fast upon us!

    The BSN Co-op Pinning Ceremony is Wednesday, June 13 at the Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown Hotel. For anyone having questions, please contact Renee Kulba, the BSN Co-op Program Coordinator, at 267-359-5661 or

    June 8

  • CNHP's Kymberlee Montgomery, DNP leading a Pound fitness class at the Dornsife Center for Neighborhood Partnerships

    Fitness Class Takes Off

    Kymberlee Montgomery, DNP, brought POUND fitness to the Dornsife Center for Neighborhood Partnerships and it's a hit! (Pun intended!) She and participants are looking forward to improved health, continued fun and building on its success.

    For upcoming classes, please check the Center's website.

    June 7

  • Loretta Jemmotte

    Health Disparities topic of Keynote Address

    Loretta Jemmott, PhD, RN, FAAN, the vice president of health and health equity and professor, will deliver the opening keynote address and receive the ABNF Award for Lifetime Achievement in Education and Research at the Association of Black Nursing Faculty, Inc. 31st Annual Meeting and Scientific Conference in London, England.

    Jemmott's speech, titled “Building Healthy Communities Together To Reduce Health Disparities… Listening To The Voices Of The Community and Responding,” is a perfect opener to this year's conference titled "Community Engagement: Building Healthier Communities Through Education, Practice and Research to Create Health Equity."

    June 6

  • 2018 Macy Undergraduate Leadership Fellows Program fellows, faculty, mentors and National Advisory Committee members

    Macy Fellow End-of-Year Celebration

    The 2017 - 2018 Macy Undergraduate Leadership Fellows Program held their graduation celebration on June 4 where mentors, faculty, families and national advisory committee members gathered to applaud the achievements of this year's fellows.

    The Program aims to enhance participants' leadership skills by becoming more self-aware through mentorship experiences, interprofessional learning, open communication and reflection and helps students prepare for a successful career by building a professional network and a tool kit to call upon at any stage in their lives.

    If you are an undergraduate student in the College of Nursing and Health Professions or Public Health who will be a sophomore, pre-junior, junior, or senior September 2018, applications are now being accepted.

    June 6

  • Philadelphia Inquirer

    Faculty quoted in Inquirer story

    Stella Volpe, PhD, nutrition sciences professor and chair, and Michael Bruneau, Jr., PhD, a assistent teaching professor in health sciences, were quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer about different types of exercise and nutrition programs promoted via social media.

    June 5

  • Deeptha Sukumar

    Seed Grant Awarded

    Deeptha Sukumar PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Nutrition Sciences, has been awarded a seed grant in the amount of $24,700 by the CNHP Research Committee. This one-year project, titled "Magnesium, Systemic Inflammation and Body Composition-M-SiB Trial," will investigate the role of magnesium supplementation on biomarkers of systemic inflammation and body composition in adults who are undergoing energy restriction.

    Co-investigators are Stella Volpe PhD, professor and chair of the Department of Nutrition Sciences, Renee Amori, MD, assistant professor of Department of Endocrinology at Drexel's College of Medicine and Juan Muniz, PhD, an assistant research professor in the Department of Nutrition Sciences.

    June 5

  • Teaching Assistant Excellence Award Given

    Jacqueline (Jackie) Walther was selected as a recipient of the 2018 Teaching Assistant Excellence Award. A University-wide award, Walther was recognized on May 31, 2018 in Mitchell Auditorium.

    Congratulations, Jackie!

    June 4

  • CHOP Celiac Education Day 2018

    On March 25, 2018, nutrition sciences students volunteered at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Celiac Education Day. They included Anneliese Golden (BS, 2018), Emily Lim (BS, 2018), Allison Roselli (MS, 2019), Alexandra Agasar (MS, 2019), Briana Walsh (BS, 2018) and Taylor Wilson (MS, 2019).

    June 4

  • Beth Leonberg

    International Nurses Day

    On Friday, May 11, Beth Leonberg, MS, RDN, assistant clinical professor of nutrition sciences, presented a lecture on "The Role of Nurses in the Nutrition and Feeding of Infants in Tashkent, Uzbekistan." The conference was organized to celebrate International Nurses Day, and brought together 2,000 top nurses from all 13 regions of Uzbekistan.

    Leonberg was also interviewed and appeared on the national television station Uzbekistan24. She is a Fulbright Scholar at Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute from February through June, 2018.

    June 4

  • Graduate Student Association Appointment

    May Cheung, a PhD candidate working with Deeptha Sukumar, PhD, will be representing the Department of Nutrition Sciences in the Graduate Student Association for 2018 to 2019, as the vice president of academic affairs.

    Cheung was also was awarded the Graduate Student Travel Award to help fund her trip to American Society for Nutrition in Boston in June 2018.

    June 4

  • Nyree Dardarian, MS, RD assistant clinical professor and director of the Center for Integrated Nutrition & Performance at the conference

    7th Annual Sports Nutrition Conference Wrap-up

    The 7th Annual Drexel Sports Nutrition Conference, sponsored by the Center for Nutrition and Performance, Department of Nutrition Sciences, took place at the Wells Fargo Center on Thursday, May 17, 2018. Various topics were presented, including nutrition and the brain, sports psychology, sports nutrition with professional teams, and minerals and athletic performance. 

    Congratulations to Nyree Dardarian, assistant clinical professor and director of the Center for Integrated Nutrition & Performance, and her team for putting together an excellent conference!

    June 4

  • 2nd International Neuroergonomics Conference

    The Second International Neuroergonomics Conference will be held at Drexel University on June 27-29, 2018. Join hundreds of scientists, leading researchers, and interested industry colleagues for three days of high-value and exciting presentations from the community’s world-leading scientists on the cutting edge of exciting new areas of neuroergonomics research.The preliminary program of the conference is now available.

    If you have not yet done so, please complete your registration by June 5th so that the program schedule can be finalized.

    June 4

  • Research Day

    On Thursday, May 17 and 18, 2018, the Department of Nutrition Sciences seniors presented at Drexel’s Week of Undergraduate Excellence.

    Below are the titles of each project, with the students listed who worked on each project, respectively. Thanks to Jennifer Quinlan, PhD for leading this group.


    • Promotion of Seasonal Produce and Cooking Skills Through Video Tutorials
      Emily Rex, Anneliese Golden, Alyson Horning, Maddie DeMoss
    • The Potential of Ethnic Food Markets as an Intervention in Food Deserts
      Ellie Wei, Esther Xu, Alex Morgan

    Slide Presentation

    • Assessing Intervention Supermarkets in Urban Food Deserts
      Miranda Rouse, Simone Friedman, Molly Andersen

    June 4

  • Creating a new gloabal classroom for reproductive health course.

    New Global Classroom being created

    Pictured here are Maureen Gonzales, MSN, assistant clinical professor, Joan Bloch, PhD, associate professor and director of global health initiatives, Adam Zahn, Drexel's associate director of global engagement and Nany Hurvitz, MSN, visiting faculty from Ben Gurion University in Isreal. They are creating a global classroom in the undergraduate reproductive health course.

    The four have been meeting weekly via Zoom to develop this concept. Adam Zahn is helping with the nuts and bolts to create a program in Collaborating Across Boarders: Improving Healthcare to all.

    June 1

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