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Work with leaders in the nursing field to further your career and redefine excellence in advanced nursing practice. Our expert faculty are with you every step of the way as you enter the dynamic field of nursing and health professions.

Graduate Nursing

The College of Nursing and Health Professions Graduate Nursing Department offers various graduate level nursing degree programs and graduate nursing certificate programs to help students advance their careers in nursing and health professions.

As a part of the Graduate Nursing Department, you will join a community of clinicians, researchers, faculty, and students in your journey toward advanced nursing practice. 

Students can choose from exciting career paths and take courses that span the gamut of nursing education. Whether you want to focus on clinical practice, research, nursing leadership, becoming an entrepreneur, or are interested in a wide variety of nursing education roles, the Drexel Graduate Nursing Department has a program pathway for you.

We invite you to explore the degree programs offered through this department that will help you begin your career in nursing. Please explore our web pages for a wealth of information about our programs, students, faculty, research and clinical practice.

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Drexel University's Online RN-MSN "bridge" program is available for nurses who have a bachelor's degree in a field other than nursing and now wish to pursue an MSN degree.

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Gena Alulis, Founder and CEO of Philadelphia-based Superfit, Inc., has had tremendous success taking her business from a start-up custom-fit jewelry designer to a high-growth ring manufacturer. Alulis and Superfit, Inc. – the industry’s top-selling specialty ring, whose patented hinge-and-latch technology  alleviates the difficulty most of us endure in getting a ring over the knuckle, was the focus of a recent article in the Philadelphia Inquirer– have garnered recognition from the Women’s Jewelers Association (2009 Award for Excellence) and Pennsylvania’s “50 Best Women in Business” (2005).

The jewelry industry is deeply rooted in her family, and though Alulis seemed predestined for this career, she initially set out to pursue a different path – a career in nursing. “As a child, nurses always impressed me. They were so capable and kind, and they seem to make everything better,” she said. “My family was always in the business of jewelry, and I wanted to do something different.”

A graduate of Hahnemann University’74, Alulis chose the school because of a pivotal experience she had growing up. She underwent surgery at Hahnemann. “I was touched by the nursing staff there. I always knew I wanted to study there and be one of them. I believe there are people in life that help shape who we become.”

After graduation, Alulis worked in a semi-clinical situation with eye doctors before working in a variety of OBGYN disciplines as a Registered Nurse.

The skills she gained as a nursing student and in her nursing career have served her throughout her career. “I always felt in business that whenever I was preparing to negotiate with someone, I could draw back to a moment in nursing,” Alulis said. “If I could manage when I was 20-years-old to help people more than twice my age make peace with the surgeries they were about to face, or accept a difficult diagnosis then I could confidently work my way through anything.”

Alulis looks back on her time at Hahnemann fondly. “My roommate, Patty (Balzano) Bell, an amazing pediatric nurse and one of my best friends, and I still get together, and l reminisce about all of our stories.”

But ultimately, Alulis pursued a passion for jewelry, starting with a neighborhood jewelry shop she owned and operated with her husband. She began planning and developing the concept Superfit, Inc. was built on in 1992. “Everyone has the struggle of getting a ring to fit properly. The knuckle is the largest part of the finger, but that’s not where we wear our rings.” With the concept in mind – a ring to be clipped into place at the base of a finger, rather than slid over a knuckle -- they began retrofitting rings and soon, manufacturing rings with the Superfit technology.

Alulis continues to maintain her nursing licensure, using it to do volunteer work and earn credits in the field of elder care. She applies this know-how when caring for her elderly mother and says she is better equipped to manage her care. “Nursing is still part of what defines me and it always will.” 


Emily-Ann Ruedemann is a senior nursing student in Drexel University’s College of Nursing and Health Professions. Now in the midst of her third (and final) co-op cycle, she is currently working as a nurse co-op in the intermediate cardiac care unit at Jefferson University Hospital.

Reudemann is responsible for the care of eight to 11 patients in this role – a responsibility which entails taking vital signs, performing accu-checks, providing bathing and hygiene care, assisting patients with their everyday needs and obtaining electrocardiograms (EKGs). She also responds to call lights as needed and completes work delegated to her by the nurses on the floor.

Like most co-ops, Reudemann has faced challenges. Her unit can be very hectic and she has many patients to look after, but she finds comfort in her team. According to Emily-Ann, “it definitely helps that I work with such a great team here at Jefferson.”

Her previous experience in the pediatric intensive care unit at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has helped prepare her for her co-op at Jefferson University Hospital. It also helps that she is hardworking, outgoing and constantly striving to improve herself and her skill set. There is no doubt that Emily-Ann will become an amazing nurse one day.


Lew Bennett, DNP, chair, Nurse Anesthesia Department, and Ferne Cohen, EdD, associate chair, Nurse Anesthesia Department, started developing Dragon Traks in fall 2014. The innovative system performs two functions that are having incredible impact on nurse anesthesia students: tracking their clinical cases and completing daily clinical evaluations.

This functionality is changing the game within the department and helping students and faculty to maintain graduation requirements which include a number of clinical cases. Currently, the clinical evaluation process is managed using two different systems – both of which are flawed. In introducing Dragon Traks, Bennet and Cohen sought to address the fundamental issues with other programs and allow students to go paperless, using electronic evaluations and case tracking.

Enlisting the help of Drexel engineering students to set up the programming, Bennet and Cohen got the idea for Dragon Traks off the ground. In fact, a team of five senior engineering students made Dragon Traks their senior project, working diligently throughout the academic year.

Once Dragon Traks is completed, Bennett has big plans for the system. He said, “The goal would be, if this were to work as we are hoping it will, is to sell Dragon Traks to other programs across the country.” 

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