Graduate Studies

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The Division of Graduate Health Professions comprises 4 departments offering 3 Ph.D.s (in Rehabilitation Sciences, Couple and Family Therapy and Creative Arts Therapies), 1 professional practice doctorate (the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree) and several master’s degrees and certificates. It is a Division housing some of the College’s finest teachers and most funded researchers all devoted to creating an environment in which graduate students thrive. Students learn not only in the classrooms but also in both simulated and real world clinical settings. It is in the integration of classroom and clinical education that the departments in this Division excel, as comments from former students make clear.

5 students in circle of chairs“I will always be learning new things in my career. Each client is a new journey, and even though I’ll continue to educate myself, I’m going to build on what I learned during my time here at Drexel.”
--Emi Stapler, Creative Arts Therapies.

“During my clinical experiences, I’ve gained some familiarity with most of the diseases you expect to encounter. I feel like I’m integrating the classroom work with the hands-on part of my training.”
--Arlene Walters, Physician Assistant.

 “Drexel’s program not only spoke about the importance of diversity, but implements it. And I was impressed that students enter into their internships immediately. I wanted a real world education.”
--Diana Kochan, Couple and Family Therapy.

“Clinical internships give you practice and experience. Especially in physical therapy with its hands-on techniques you need to work with patients. Practicing with classmates can only go so far.”
--Megan Henninger, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences.


Division of Graduate Nursing. >>
The Division on Graduate Nursing can meet the needs of nurses seeking flexible, relevant, leading-edge education for advanced nursing roles, and includes nurse practitioner, clinical research, nursing education and nursing administration tracks, as well as a unique Innovation and Intra/Entrepreneur track.

graduate nursing faculty and simulation patientIn addition to meaningful coursework and clinical or role practicum experiences, students benefit from expert faculty clinicians and researchers, opportunities to refine skills via periodic campus residencies, workshops, exciting simulation opportunities in our state of the art simulation and standardized patient laboratories, and interdisciplinary education opportunities.