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Physical Therapy Services

Premier out-patient physical therapy services are provided in four practice areas for faculty, students, and staff at Drexel, as well as for members of the surrounding community.

All services are individualized and by appointment.

Osteoporosis Education & Exercise Program

This community service program is provided free-of-charge by arrangement either onsite or in local home/community locations for persons who have had a DXA scan and are concerned about bone health. For information about the Osteoporosis Education & Exercise Program please email:

Services consist of:

  • bone health education, fall risk assessment, and prevention strategies.
  • human performance assessment of strength, balance, posture, coordination, etc.
  • individualized instruction in a progressive exercise program.

Hand and Upper Extremity Therapy

Hand and upper extremity therapy services provided by experts in this area.

Spinal Rehabilitation

High quality evidence-based evaluation and rehabilitation of spinal pain disorders.

Children & Youth Consultations

Consultations by arrangement onsite or in local home/community locations for children and youth with various disabilities and health issues.

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The College of Nursing and Health Professions has clinical services in four established Philadelphia-based sites in addition to a new Community Wellness HUB established this year in the Dornsife Center. Services are provided by faculty working in conjunction with bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral students, as well as orthopedic physical therapy residents.  The ultimate goal of the CNHP clinical services programming is to have an educational environment where students working alongside the more than 30 CNHP faculty, provide patient care in an interdisciplinary setting, including referrals between active clinical practice and research activities. CNHP’s clinical services and associated student education has continued to grow in scope and volume over the years. A broad overview of each practice is below.

The CNHP clinical services are located in Philadelphia at the following sites:

  • Stephen & Sandra Sheller 11th Street Family Health Services Center  
  • 3020 Market Street (3020 Market)
  • Drexel Recreation Center (REC)
  • Parkway Health & Wellness (PHW)
  • Community Wellness HUB at the Dornsife (The HUB)
Discipline/Sites                      3020 Market REC Center Parkway Health and Wellness The Community Wellness HUB
 Nurse Practitioner     

 Counseling and Family Therapy

 Creative Arts Therapies    
 Nutrition Scrience  

 Physician Assistant    

 Physical Therapy  


CNHP faculty are providing services in most disciplines across all Philadelphia sites.

Discipline CNHP Faculty Practicing at Clinical Sites
Nurse Practitioner Barbara Posmontier,  Kimberly McClellan, Barbara Osborne, Ann McQueen
Counseling and Family Therapy
Christian Jordal, Erica Wilkins 
Creative Arts Therapies
Yasmine Awais, Scott Horowitz, Dawn Morningstar, Michele Rattigan, Ellen Schelly-Hill 
Nutrition Scrience
Whitney Butler, Robin Danowski, Nyree Dardarian, Abigail Duffine-Gilman, Andrea Grasso-Irvine, Beth Leonberg, Angela Luciani, Vicki Schwartz, Elizabeth Smith, Amy Stankiewicz 
Physician Assistant
Patrick Auth, Juanita Gardner 
Physical Therapy
Lisa Chiarello, Kevin Gard, Noel Goodstadt, Robert Maschi, Christopher McKenzie, Kathryn Mitchell, Sara Tomaszewski, Sarah Wenger, Annette Willgens 


The clinical services are overseen by an interdisciplinary advisory board comprised of the director of CNHP clinical services and clinical coordinators representing each involved academic department and the research enterprise. This advisory board meets regularly to provide oversight and direction for the clinical practices in the areas of operations, productivity review, marketing, program development, and the promotion of collaborative interdisciplinary programming, including collaborations and referrals between clinical services and research projects.

Read the entire round-up including descriptions of each site and the services offered here.


The Stephen and Sandra Sheller 11th Street Family Health Services is a unique nurse-led center serving a broad communityThe Stephen and Sandra Sheller 11th Street Family Health Services (the Center) is a comprehensive, nurse-managed health center run by Drexel University's College of Nursing and Health Professions in collaboration with the Family Practice and Counseling Network. Its mission is to decrease health disparities by providing integrative services and health programs in partnership with the local community. By integrating primary care, behavioral health, mind-body, and other health promotion programs, the Center develops a comprehensive treatment plan to address the biological, psychological, and social needs of the patient all at one site. This system ensures communication and collaboration among patients and staff as they manage current illnesses and prevent future health problems. The Center's roots date back to 1996, when the College of Nursing at MCP/Hahnemann University entered into an agreement with the Philadelphia Housing Authority to address the health issues of 11th Street Corridor residents. The first services offered at the Center focused on health promotion and disease prevention.

The Center's Community Advisory Board, composed of neighborhood residents, later arranged for the Center to use a temporary space for primary care health services at the Harrison Plaza Community Center. As a result of consistent growth and program development, the Center outgrew the original building that had opened in 2002. In June 2015, the 17,000 sq. ft. expansion opened and doubled the Center's size, providing space not only to see more patients but also to improve and expand services.

Over the past 19 years, the Center has become a hub for health-related activity in the community. In addition to the regular services provided at the Center, the staff expanded their reach through public art making, community fitness, food distribution, and partnering with local organizations to promote health care access and healthy living. The Center's goals include strengthening its trauma-informed care to provide a strong foundation for care across the lifespan. In addition, the Center is developing partnerships with schools, faith-based groups, and other organizations to create a shared value of health and promote a healthier community.

News at 11

  • Stephen and Sandra Sheller 11th Street Family Health Center offers an integrated health care model with many resources available to the community. Though the surrounding community lacks fresh fruits and vegetables, 11th Street strived to fill in the gaps by partnering with two urban farms, Greensgrow and Greener Partners, to host on-site low-cost produce stands twice per week for the summer & fall seasons. Affordable food was available through subsidized programs such as Farms to Families (supported by the St. Christopher’s Foundations) and the Philly Food Bucks Farmers’ Market Vouchers. The center also provides nutrition education for groups and individuals, hosting diabetes prevention and cooking classes throughout the year.
  • Center staff and Community Advisory Committee members pulled together to raise funding for the additional dinner basket items
    This year, with the continued turkey donation from Drexel’s Alumni Association, and the support of The Fresh Grocer at Progress Plaza, Sheller 11th Street Family Health was able to provide turkey dinner baskets to 160 families. Center staff and Community Advisory Committee members pulled together to raise funding for the additional dinner basket items. Half of the donation went to patients who were nominated by center staff. The other half were donated to local organizations, senior housing center, and community groups to be given to families for whom they knew the baskets could bring holiday cheer. There was such a great response, planning has already begun for next year and donation are being accepted a this link.
  • Music therapy with infant at the Stephen and Sandra Sheller 11th Street Family Health Services11th Street is the recipient of two grants from Independence Blue Cross (IBX) totaling $175,000. The award of Targeted Funding Blue Safety Net Grant is for funds to provide continuity of access to high quality behavioral healthcare through Creative Arts Therapies (CATs) modalities—art therapy, dance/movement therapy, and music therapy—for child and adult clients most affected by early childhood trauma and abuse. 11th Street patients have come to rely on CATs as a means to address trauma symptoms, and garner adaptive coping skills, through increasing awareness of psychological, somatic, behavioral and spiritual patterns. A number of studies have shown that individuals who are the victims of adverse childhood experiences who participate in creative arts therapies (CAT) programs subsequently experience a reduction in anxiety, dissociation, flashbacks, relationship struggles, isolation and depressive symptoms and an increase in self-efficacy, self-esteem, body awareness/attunement, parenting efficacy, sleep, healthy eating, exercise, and recreational activities, all of which result in better-functioning adults.* (*Cruz RF, Sabers DS. (1998). Dance movement therapy is more effective than previously reported. The Arts in Psychotherapy 25(2):101-104)

The IBX Core Support Blue Safety Net Grant will increase capacity and sustainability of the Center by implementing components of the 3.0 transformation to achieve the following: target key stages in the life course (adolescent populations and older adults transitioning to Medicare); develop a cohort of patient advocates; and strengthen the No Wrong Door concept to support individuals' access to needed services and health promotion programs.

Yoga class at The Stephen and Sandra Sheller 11th Street Family Health ServicesThe 3.0 Transformation Framework (3.0) posited by Neal Halfon and colleagues optimizes the health of the population through primary prevention, health promotion and community-integrated health delivery systems that continuously seek to improve quality through a learning health system—a system striving to promote wellness and achieve optimal lifelong health. 3.0 emphasizes not only activated patients but also engaged communities and motivated populations focused on creating local conditions that support health over the life course. Individuals therefore become designers and co-producers of their lifelong health development.


Director of Community Health and Wellness and Associate Dean of Community Health John Kirby, Jr., MPH, EPCJohn Kirby, Jr. gets it. As director of community wellness at the Stephen and Sandra Sheller 11th Street Family Health Services of Drexel University, he consistently gives his all. John steps up and has ultimately become the leader that patients, community leaders, and colleagues look to because of his ability to understand the broader picture of his efforts and the benefits to which they lead. As associate dean of community programs at Drexel University’s College of Nursing and Health Professions, and founder and director, at Sheller 11th Street, I take great comfort in this as I look to retirement. I have total faith in John’s abilities to carry on our mission of providing an integrative, trauma-informed model of care that creates a seamless engagement for patients, most of whom represent a vulnerable population and are residents of public housing and caregivers in the full range of physical, psychological, social, preventive and therapeutic factors known to be effective and necessary for the achievement of optimal health throughout the lifespan. The center is a nationally-recognized model of nurse-managed, community-based care for the education of health professions students and for faculty practice.

John has grown in his roles and responsibilities at Sheller 11th Street. He initially joined our team in 2012 as fitness and wellness trainer and used his exercise science training and certification as an American College of Sports Medicine physiologist while working with patients and staff to create care plans that worked toward the patients’ goals. He was promoted and assumed his current role in 2015. In his time with us John took advantage of tuition remission at Drexel and earned a master’s degree in public health and also participated in Drexel’s Employee Home Purchase Assistance Program to purchase a lovely home. John also became engaged and married his beautiful bride, Lorin, last fall.

John’s experiences prior to joining Drexel serve him well at Sheller 11th Street. He previously worked as a care manager at a community health center in the city, collaborating with other health professionals in the Pennsylvania Governor’s Chronic Care Initiative to identify ways to reduce costs and improve access and quality of care in the Commonwealth’s Patient-Centered Medical Homes.  

His experience in and around mental health make him a go-to. John is often called on by political representatives to coordinate events as well as speak to attendees.  Most recently, he served as the face of calm when tragedy struck in the form of a shooting in the neighborhood. John not only spoke at the vigil but also called upon his colleagues to provide support for those grieving.  

John developed a leadership style of open communication. He works diligently to develop trust and one could say he earned that trust. He has been extended several invitations from the community and now serves on several community boards and committees that led to valuable connections. Identifying community partners, strategizing with them on how best to promote our services and theirs, had led to win-win opportunities for promotion of the health center and our community partners. John’s efforts lead to improved access for our patients and the community we serve.

John is real and people sense his genuine passion for leading change. As a young, black man, John serves as an excellent role model and mentor to community youth. He takes his job seriously and does not do what he does simply because it’s his job. He believes strongly in creating a culture of health and wellnesslives and breathes it. Why he even continues involvement with his fraternity serving as chairman of the health and wellness committee of the Philadelphia Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi. Last year his committee led the chapter in its facilitation of the 2nd Annual Dr. Leonard W. Johnson Memorial Men’s Health and Wellness Fair providing men with health screenings, health information and group discussion about prostate and mental health.

<Stephen and Sandra Sheller 11th Street Family Health Center's John Kirby on the cover of Change magazineI see a lot of myself in John—his persistence, his perceptiveness and his being acutely aware of how and why the community must be involved in shaping their care.  John is so competent that I introduced him to my sabbatical work supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation at the Technical Assistance and Research Center in Oxford, England. We are looking at how social participation helps shape health in countries like Brazil, Kenya, New Zealand, Scotland and Slovenia. John will accompany me to Scotland when we meet with representatives from those countries.  

On behalf of our colleagues at the Stephen and Sandra Sheller 11th Street Family Health Services, Drexel University and its College of Nursing and Health Professions, I am proud and pleased to support John Kirby, Jr. as a Future Leader of Community Health. John’s efforts continue to enhance ours and he will, no doubt, be among those who have the capability to change the shape of health care moving forward.

Written by Patricia Gerrity, PhD, RN, FAAN
Associate Dean, Community Programs, Drexel University College of Nursing and Health Professions
Director, The Stephen and Sandra Sheller 11th Street Family Health Services of Drexel

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